Stainless steel watering hoses?

I am wondering if they are any better than regular hoses for filling water troughs? Are they any more durable than a regular hose? I would like to bury a hose to my water trough so I don’t trip over it or have the horses step on it. If I’m going through that much work, I would like something that doesn’t break immediately.

If you are going to the trouble to bury something why not bury something that is designed to be buried? Or are you going to bury a rigid pipe and run the hose thru that?

I can not answer your original question because I did not even know they sold stainless steel garden hoses (the lining appears to be PVC on the models I could find that information). None that I found (which does not mean there is not one) are designed for potable water (which most garden hoses are not, just stating it in case you cared).

I think the water will flow the same as any other hose of that internal diameter would flow.

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I’m only burying the hose where it runs under the gates.

I have heard that if a horse steps on them, they squish down… and dont come back into a horse shape - so, ruined.

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I’ve had a regular garden hose buried just a couple inches under ground for at least 5 years and no problems. I don’t run water through it in the winter but I also don’t blow the water out at the end of the season. Where I live it gets to -25C for several weeks. Unless you have traffic situations that tends to tear up the ground, a regular hose should last a long time. My buried hose runs about 200 feet but only about 10 feet is in an area where the horses travel.

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I would agree that using the proper plastic buried water pipe with fittings on the end, is probably a better idea than buying and burying a stainless steel hose. Plastic pipe is pretty tough, even buried, when run over by tractors. Probably not going to squash down to be unusable.

May come out cheaper to purchase too. I would suggest blowing it out to winterize things, once freezing weather arrives, to prevent frozen water damage.

added protection is putting sand in the bottom of the trench than sand above the pipe after installing into the trench The sand layers provide a cushion

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I went ahead and bought the stainless steel one. It is super lightweight and easy to handle. Probably going to put a regular hose to the water trough and put this one by the house. I actually really like it. It never kinks. Only drawback is it doesn’t have as much water output as a regular hose, but should be fine for soaking feed or filling the dog water bucket.

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