Stall windows and safety bars

Looking for opinions/recommendations on stall windows. I’m building a barn and leaning towards regular home vinyl windows and getting some bar kits to cover them on inside. Need windows (and grill/dividers to be black on outside, more difficult to find).

Horses won’t have access to windows on outside. Want easy cleaning, good light and ventilation. Anybody done this and what bar kits or windows did you use?

Thank you!
I believe these were installed in our barn. Double walled so plenty of distance to the windows. Great for ventilation and light. I don’t wash windows :wink:

We had home vinyl windows in our barn, plus the windows guards from these guys. We just recently took everything out and installed dutch doors, as I wanted runs.

You’re going to want window grates that open, because the windows get FILTHY. Horse barn! :wink: And not just the glass, but the tracks the windows run in to open just seem to collect crap.

Overall it worked fine, although I often wished I could open up that whole window space for the breeze. I like the dutch door much better, but we haven’t gone through a winter yet with them.

I renovated a pole barn with largish but odd lot sized double hung vinyl windows. I had a local fabricator make custom sized window grills. I then bolted them to the window frame. Bars were just far enough apart I could open and close the windows. My horses also did not access the outside. Worked great and looked very nice. Having the screens was a plus in the summer, seemed to help keeping out the bugs. Only downside was cleaning the insides was a bit of a pain, bars were close enough I could only get my wrist in.

We used conduit into a wood frame. Plan to paint it black. We got it in easily, it slides out when we want for cleaning, was super easy to cut, and for Windows in stalls cost me all of $12! Send me a message with your email or phone and I can send pictures!

I had friends who had convex plexiglass for windows. Unbreakable, needed no bars to protect it, therefore easy to clean. Looked like bubbles coming out the sides of the barn, about 3’ across I think. Don’t know where they got them, or how much they cost, but it was not a “fancy” barn.

regarding grills over windows… there are release devices that are actually mandated if their is possibility of a person becoming entrapped. These release devices have been around at least since the late 1960s

here a link to Dade Co, Fl’s mandate