Stallion choice help please! Diamant, Komme Casall, who else??

I’d look at Spy Coast Farm if you want fresh. They have several more compact horses like Cyklon and the lesser known Baldev. If you really want to spring for a fancy one, you could try to get Amaretto D’Arco. But it doesn’t look like your mare has many big name or 1.50 - 1.60m jumpers in her pedigree, so you might not get accepted with “private treaty.”

Personally, I wouldn’t mind breeding your mare to something a little bit bigger or a little bit heavier. I think if the grandparents aren’t huge clunkers, then you’re not likely to get a draft horse. I quite like that Diktator van de Boslandhoeve and I believe he’s thrown some nice babies.
You might also look at Westminster VDL. He’s thrown some big jumpers with great ridability and he’s fairly compact.

Mylord Carthago? (Seems to produce jumpers and eventers, recommended for meduim to heavy mares.)(i see it would be adding jalisco back in the mix but it looks pretty far back in the mare’s pedigree.)

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Jaguar Mail would not be a good fit for a mare that is already heavy. He does not pass on his blood. He’s best with a refined and compact (and/or modern) mare. Love his type and what he’s brought to the table in the foals I’ve seen, but they have all been through high or full blood mares. Great dispositions.

There is a Diacontinus son that is escaping me at the moment, who is known to make small…

Too bad she has QdR so “close” - I like Quite Easy a lot, and he does not make giants. Quick Star is another, when did a dose of his go to $4000?! :eek:

Remember, don’t just pick on phenotype. Jaguar Mail is an excellent example of that - he may look a certain way, and on paper he is “high blood” - but he does not refine. Think about the other players in the pedigree.

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Thank you for your advice! And yes, completely agree About not picking just on phenotype. I must say I find this forum so helpful to find out more about the stallions.

I have decided to see if I can calm down the mares offspring and went with a uk based stallion for next year as an experiment. As so far her fillies are little fire breathing dragons :slight_smile: all lovely but on the sharper side.

if you do remember the Diacontinus son, I would love to know. I really like this years filly by him.

I have seen a lot of amazing Jaguar Mail’s offspring over the years. Unfortunately they seem to have one trait in common which is they seem to disappear from the map when moving up the classes. As you say his paper trace looks freakin’ amazing but in real life I would never go for him :no:

OP, British Breeding put on several webinars over the summer, often with Tullis Matson at Stallion AI. They might still be available online. Moreover, I have the impression that both British Breeding and Stallion AI would be very open to discussion about which stallions would suit your mares. Actually, any of the studs.

What really impressed me was J’aime Flameco being used as a model in a demonstration of how to handle stallions and he stood like a pony at PC camp. And Big Star was a total sweetheart too.

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