Stallion Recommendations

Jumper stallion recommendations for breeding a La Silla mare next year? She has a big heart but a lot of blood so looking for something on the quieter side. She has a great hind end and good front end but looking more to improve the front end.

I was thinking about Balou du Reventon but it seems as though his semen is sold out.

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Any way you could post a full pedigree and conformation photo? That would help a great deal.

Also, what registry is your mare approved with?

To me if you want to improve temperament + improve front end = Flexible. I’ve seen a lot of his babies and they are all sensible and have his front end, every one. He is still available frozen I believe and has quite a few sons on the ground.

No hands-on experience but Bubalu VDL offspring get great reviews for character and he had a long, successful career:

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