Stallion Secret is MIA and now unavailable for the foreseeable future. Anyone know anything?

I have a fantastic two-year-old by secret. I absolutely love him, and I am disturbed that his sire has fallen off the map, and with no accountability. This starts to raise questions about so many things. Why would they not disclose? If it was an injury, I don’t understand why they would not just disclose, or if he got sick and got a high fever and is now infertile… so I go to worst case scenarios. Does he have something like the DSLD that is going to crop up in his babies? I would like to know if anybody has heard anything at all.

This is the last I heard - I’ll copy and paste:

EFF News - Some German stallions unavailable for Australia
I have sad news from Gestüt WM, Germany. They have significant concerns about the use of their frozen semen in assisted reproduction methods (OPU, ICSI and vitrification of resulting embryos). As a consequence, sales of their frozen semen have been halted, for the next few months, until a new contract if finalised. This means that there will be NO frozen semen from the stallions Secret, Finest, Fantastic, Bon Courage and Segantini available worldwide until further notice
Although we are disappointed by this, it brings to light the issue of straws being cut into sections to produce multiple pregnancies. Please be aware that the use of frozen semen, in this way, does directly filter back to the stallion owners via social media. I have seen people offering for sale, sections of a straw.
ICSI is not widely used in Australia yet. However, as the owner of a mare who requires this method to successfully breed now, it is disappointing that the use of ICSI in other countries has influenced the decision that is now affecting us.”

A few weeks ago Global Equine Sires still had it for sale by the straw if you’re looking.

And FWIW, the horse has been competing heavily and breeding since he was 3. If he did have issues it doesn’t mean that it’s a fault to him or issues with offspring. The breeders I know who have used him report very correct offspring.

Thank you, I hope it is merely a contract issue… But this is been going on for very long time.

I have a wonderful secret two-year-old. He is Practically faultless, has a wonderful mind, is sweet and put together beautifully.

I am a member of several Facebook groups Devoted to Secret, there has not been any update of any sort or photograph for going on a year and a half.

No problem. What kind of dam line did you cross your Secret on? I’ve seen some really nice offspring by him. His sire Sezuan has been gelded and sold which also makes that bloodline more difficult to get.

I was pretty shocked to hear they were stopping contracts because of ICSI issues because the majority of breeders are honest and do not split doses but, here we are. I also think they may have been overwhelmed by the huge demand for breedings. He has produced a ton of foals and I have not heard issues with offspring from the pipeline - the opposite as breeders have been really happy with their foals. I don’t think the lack of availability is the fault of the stallion.

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My youngster is wonderful on both sides of the family.

His momma is Kiriska ( Jazz x Rhodium). Her dam produces nicks with Jazz. Mom is in training with Jennifer Williams, and has had several embryo transfer babies while in work (mine is one).
I can’t remember which year, but she was the highest scoring KWPN horse in the North American continent, including stallions. She’s pretty special. I love my boy.

He gorgeous, thoughtful, sweet and a lovely mover with that Secret canter.

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People cheat the stallion owner and then discuss their dishonest behavior on social media? What shameless people.

Kind of. People split doses of semen to produce more than one foal. I doubt they are telling anyone about it on SM though.

The vast majority of mare owners are honest, however, and the number of people splitting doses is minimal.

It seems pretty blatant…

Yes, they are talking about selling part of a dose of semen on SM.