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Stallion suggestions for TB mare (warmblood registries)

Looking for some recommendations on what stallion you would match for my TB mare if you were breeding her. Not sure the stallions now a days, I’ve been out of the game a bit.

She’s got decent bone and great shape, strong back and is a good mover. Looking to keep that great ammy friendly brain she’s got. Chrome would be a nice bonus. I’m looking for a jumper baby, but not ruling out anything. Nothing known for poor feet, she’s a tad soft there, something with a nice neck/shoulder connection, but really if a clone popped out she’s built quite well. She’s a thicker built TB, but I’d like to add some more heft rather that lighten her frame.

I’m not a big bloodlines person, I’ve been shopping around, but figured I’d see if anyone had some recommendations. The baby is for me, but my rule is never breed something that couldn’t sell if something happened to me, so maybe not something so obscure no one would be interested if needed. Prefer not frozen, as my vet who I’d like to work with doesn’t do frozen, but would branch to their recommended clinic if there was a must have match.

Interested in KWPN, irish, or maybe Belgian, but not married to any if someone had a suggestion. Shes about 15.3, and I’d like a little more height if I can but brain is more important. I think I’ve uploaded her bloodlines but I’m very new to posting to might have messed up!).

Thanks for your insights!!

Confo shots of her would be helpful if you can post some? How old is she and do you know if she’s been bred before?
Is she sound and rideable right now? Videos of her under saddle would also help us with giving you suggestions.
Also, where are you located?

I’d rather not post pictures or videos for now, I realize that the suggestions might not be as tailored without them, but really looking for some broad suggestions as I’ve not been in the breeding sphere for several years and just don’t know the stallions anymore. I did poke around some other threads, but most similar were asking to stay short or lighten the frame or improve hind end which isn’t really where I’m looking so I was hoping for some other names.

She is a maiden at 6 years old, she’ll be 7 in the spring. Im in the northeast.

I own a KNN approved Knabstrupper stallion if you are interested. He has a great AA friendly brain and is passing it on to his kids. Crosses well with TBs. TBs are an approved outcross for knabstruppers so foal could be eligible for registration with them or Westfalen Knabstrupper book. YOu can message me if you would like to talk :slight_smile:

Drauma Hestar: Knabstrupper Stallion Pyxis av Drömmarna (draumahestarknabstruppers.com)


With her pedigree, I’d expect areas of improvement for her would be her topline, neck, and hindquarters. I am not at all personally familiar with her sire, so basing that more on his sire and her damside. Her damside is very good for sport in terms of jumping and movement. I’m not in love with Indian Charlie’s contribution[s] to sport, but many people say his offspring are ammy friendly, and he does seem to have made a mark on the breed vis a vis his very popular son, Uncle Mo.

What registry options specifically – are you interested in KWPN or BWP because of their relative generosity re: registration options for foals out of TB mares?

Sligo Candy Boy and Lordanos are my current favorites for TB mares geared towards jumping that have good resale value – but your options are limited if you are not interested in frozen, and those suggestions may be worthless to you if they are not a good match physically for your mare’s conformation.

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I am interested in those registries for registration options, I believe registries provide an extra security for the horse’s future should something happen so would like to be able to register the foal, but it doesn’t need to be any specific registry.

Her topline and hindquarters are actually decent, but I would agree the neck (and neck shoulder) would be a point to improve on.

I would consider frozen if those were my best options, my vet will connect me to the local clinic so it’s not an immediate no for frozen options.

Thank you! I’ll definitely take a look at those suggestions!

If you go Irish and want a stallion who is in the USA, with a record and throws big, ammie friendly marketable foal with bone then you can’t really go wrong with Gemstone Clover. I’m not sure you’ll get a GP horse but a talented ammie jumper seems like a very reasonable expectation.

Cappa Irish Charmer is a nice horse too and seems to throw big, nice jumping and quiet babies. He has a decent show record himself and while I don’t think he’s had the benefit of the best sport mares so far being as he’s somewhere remote (Kansas?) but his get seem to be doing well competing. One of his fillies just won in a YSH category in the jump chute and I believe is out of a stock horse mare and looked absolutely phenomenal over fences. So worth looking at. He’s a bit less massive than Gemstone Clover.

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Epona’s Amhrán Mo Chroí might be worth considering. I remember liking his page after seeing two colts by him I liked. No experience whatsoever with his SO or him personally, I just had my memory jogged about him this AM when a filly of his qualified for the YHS championship finals and showed up on my feed. He’s not my definition of an UL jumper but his foals sure look nice. Last I knew he was available fresh/cooled.

Thank you all so much for some great options to look into! I know it’s a little hard to give feedback with the little information I gave and I really appreciate it!

I’d talk to Spy Coast. Grafton comes to mind as one that seems to cross well with a mare with blood but they have a great lineup and are good at giving crossing advice. Royce probably wouldn’t give you height but would probably check the rest of your boxes too.

You might also look at Oracle de Reve. I think he is Darco x Nabab and would be good for a mare with blood.

Chagolando PS is NAS approved but I’m not sure if he is available fresh or just frozen.

My Casquino filly has a lot of size and substance and a beautiful neck and his foals tend to have socks and white on their face. He only produces bay foals.