Stallion suggestions - Lordanos?

Hi all! I used to be pretty into breeding and what not but in the last few years, I’ve kind of fallen out of it. But my mare is approaching 16, and I’d like to get back into it. I’m coming here because I know you all know stallions and I’m looking for some suggestions. Off the top of my head, Emerald, Negro, Contucci, and Qredit are still the first ones to come to my mind.

My mare is 15 and is a very lovely mare. She is sired by Quite Easy (Quidam de Revel x Landgraf I) and her mother was sired by Contender out of a Schampus mare. She is grey and I would prefer to attempt to NOT get grey (yes she has melanoma, and we have decided to do an ET because of it). Fantastic mind; but can be a bit spooky (however, I was the only rider (really) of her for her entire life so some of that might just be my bad riding) and sensitive to her rider. Has schooled 1.35m with ease, shown successfully up to 1.0m (again, if I wasn’t a chicken, she could have gone farther) with aim to do the 1.10m next year. IMO, she has a great neck and shoulder, good back length, and fantastic legs. I do wish she had a better hind end. Great canter, good trot. I’d like to get a jumper out of her, so not looking for hunter or dressage (but yes, dressage sires would probably improve her hind end). Never has had lameness issues, has strong feet (just got shod for the first time this year), healthy aside from the melanoma.

Anywayyyyy does anyone have any thoughts? Thanks so much! I’d include a confo pic, but I don’t have any recent ones.

Lordanos question in second reply!

I would definitely avoid dressage sires! You rarely get a jumper from that cross unless the dressage sire has strong jumper lines. Contender and Landgraf both had weakness in the hindend or sickle hocked, so that could be where that comes from. I would go for an outcross of those two. I’m not a jumper breeder, but know that much! Some of the jumper breeders could be much more helpful!

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Could anyone give me insight on Lordanos? One friend doesn’t think they’re too related to do, but I’m not sure.

Here’s her full pedigree -

Here’s his -

Not an answer to your question but there is no more Lordanos semen available in N America so unless you have it in the tank already it’s a moot point.

Darn, thank you!

Hi Showhorse89, we stand Lord Adonis by Lordanos, available fresh daily at Eurequine. He is approved with most major registries and has excellent semen. You can check him out on the Eurequine website:

for you if you want a quieter horse, try a hunter stallion! they HAVE to be quiet to show and get approved. try a horse like redwine, cunningham (gray.), cosmeo, HH himself, prototype, vallado/praise.
lordanos is a great choice too. he produces great hunters like private practice

Umm, no. That is incorrect information. Hunter type stallions do not have to be “quiet” to show nor do they have to be quiet to get approved.

It is clear the OP is looking for jumper stallion recommendations. As a result, a hunter stallion would not be suitable.


Definitely a yes to a jumper type. I’ve noticed the Quite East crossed with a hunter type tends to produce hunters. My mare has some of the hunter qualities, but goes much better in the jumpers.

Vallado/Praise has been retired from breeding for over 2 years.