Stallion suggestions please!

Looking for stallion suggestions for my Escapade X Merano mare. I’m new to breeding so was hoping to refer to some experts to get some more feedback. This foal will be for me, an experienced ammy to hopefully do the AO hunters.

Things I want to improve upon include her pastern length (she’s a bit too straight in her fetlock), and something a bit more uphill. If I can add height and refinement in the process I won’t be upset :smile: My mare is quiet and easy so I want to keep that easygoing temperament.

I was thinking Sir Caletto but would love some other suggestions!

Also I apologize for the not so perfect conformation shot, she’s been on stall rest so standing was hard :upside_down_face:

Friend of mine just had a lovely filly by Conteros (Contender x Raphael x Ramiro Z)!

You might also want to look at Trakeners to help add the refinement. Take a look at
Ehrentanz KD

Is she approved with any registries or are you looking for a particular registry? What is the rest of the pedigree? Is frozen an option or are you looking for fresh? WFFS status?

I’m looking Oldenburg, because unfortunately thats one of the only registries her sire Escapade is with. But honestly because this foal is for me, I’m not limiting myself just because of registries if that makes sense.

Here is her pedigree.

Frozen maybe an option, and not sure about WFFS yet. Have her repro exam scheduled this week.

What association is the mare registered with? Most other WB registries will let you submit the mare’s papers w/ 4-5 -gen pedigree and will give you preliminary idea of mare would be eligible for approval with them.
I strongly recommend pursuing a course that results in a WB-registered foal. Breeding for yourself is fine, but those papers make a big difference if your life situation changes, the horse gets hurt and needs a broodmare job, or is just isn’t something you want to ride (too quirky, or spooky, or limited in scope, or whatever)

I would not recommend Sir Caletto. He’s gorgeous, and has a jump to die for. But there’s a reason you don’t see a ton of his offspring doing hunters. Many are difficult, and most end up a little too spicy for the hunters. I had a SC colt I bought at 1-week-old. He spent his first few years with a good pro trainer who showed him on the line, but he was so quirky to start, she actually had me send him to a cowboy for a few months before going back to her. This was a pro who’s well known for bring young horses up the ranks to legit and successful AO/Performance hunters and Big Eq horses. Sadly I lost the gelding to severe wobblers a year later. (another reason I would not use SC, though the issue may have come from the dam, or just a one-off bad-luck thing)

R line hanoverians are well known for great, ammy-suitable temperaments, and many make very nice hunters. I’ve had several and all were naturally quiet and had great brains.
A lot of holsteiner lines © are known for really good jumps (though many aren’t great hunter movers) so that might a be a good place to start. Many stallions are approved for multiple registries, so I recommend figuring out what registry you’ll register the foal with, then look at their list of approved stallions. Narrow the list by looking at height, their bloodlines, and conformation/type. Then talk to the owners of the stallions you like. Most are good about telling you what things their boys pass along. Look at old COTH threads about those stallions. And check out internet classifieds for horses with that sire.

Also, expect the whole thing to cost a lot more than you expect. This year’s foal was conceived on the first try, and delivery was textbook. He’s perfect. But last year I lost the foal and almost lost the mare, who needed an emergency C-section. This year, I’ve tried 5x times to breed (2 mares) and still don’t have even one mare pregnant. That all adds up REALLY fast with nothing to show for it.


Someone who can add substance to her legs, legnthen those pasterns some, and add substance to her whole self is possibly Prototype. He’s approved Oldenburg NA and has several get on the ground to look at. He’s in Canada.

Would suggest Checkmate out of Canada (Dreamscape Farm) as well. He’s more modern type if you want a more more modern build. He’s also approved Oldenburg, I think.

Damn good jumping bloodlines in each. You can find videos on Youtube.

Have you considered Catoki? He did the Grand Prix jumpers but is known for producing good hunters I believe.

I knew one of his offspring and he was a classic hunter. Beautiful jump, not trying at 3’6" at all, so rhythmical you could set a metronome to his gaits. Super duper fancy in every way, beautiful conformation, and he had light, uphill movement without too much knee action. Build-wise he was heavy but well-balanced. Massive bone, huge hooves, but not too wide. He was 16.3hh but you’d swear he was at least 17.3hh if you didn’t know better.

He also had the sweetest temperament. Kind of a dork, but very laid back and honest. He knew his job – he’d go and do a course, then snooze until his next round. Most of the time he was a real crop and spur ride but he could get ‘woken up’ a bit if the fences got big enough - then he’d gear up with his big hunter stride, and start to really hunt fences. I wouldn’t have described him as hot or difficult at any point at all though.

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Navarone has put on some really good hunters and has the ammy temperament for anyone to ride. His fresh is good again this year. He is approved oldenburg too.

I’m doing her papers now, but she’s only eligible Oldenburg because of escapade.

And good to know with Sir Caletto.

The only thing I’d be worried about with the R line is that a lot seem quiet and good temperament but not very scopey.

Looking at some Oldenburg options, I like Casino Grande a lot, but he is WFFS positive so you need to test your mare. He is a young stallion but is modern, rideable and has a lovely canter. He doesn’t have many foals on the ground but already has at least 3 licensed sons. If you’re looking to breed this season, with the way the mail is going and as late as it is in the season, I don’t know if I’d go with frozen. Or I guess I do know: I wouldn’t go with frozen - had that decision with my mare and I’m so glad I went with a local stallion (that was still a great match) available fresh. So much less $$ and headache.

I’ve seen some absolutely lovely foals by Con Capilot this year and he was absolutely delightful in person. Ronda is fantastic to work with and he is approved GOV. I bet you’d get something really stunning and chrome-y with your mare and he’s got some babies out doing the hunters well.

She also has Cartier R frozen, who is also GOV approved, and could be a nice match.

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I would love to use Catoki, but I’ve heard terrible things about his semen quality, considering how old it is.

Navarone does really well producing ammy friendly. Still available fresh LFG this year. Approved GOV too.


Have you looked at Cabardino? I own a 12yo gelding by him (registered Oldenburg), and he’s the damsire of my 4yo mare (registered RPSI) .
He definitely stamps his babies. Scopey, good movers. But they also have a reputation of being spicy and playful.

My gelding is 16.3hh. He’s big, but has a pretty head that’s almost too small for his body. His back is a touch long, but he has a lovely top line. I sent a picture of him in to Practical Horseman back when he was a 3yo. According to Julie Winkel his biggest fault was that you can see the whites of his eyes “insert big eyeroll from me”.
Plan for this years show season is to have trainer show him in the big derbies, and I’ll show him in the A/Os. He’s been showing at 3’6" since he was 7, knock on wood no soundness issues.
He does have a good buck, and can be spooky. But with an experienced rider and some ear stuffies at shows that translates to a 10+ jump every time.

Has anyone had experience with Tristarr/Crypso Danish WB foals? He is deceased but has excellent quality frozen semen.
Anyone have any of his offspring ?