Stallion suggestions

I purpose bred a TB for sport who is now 4. I would like to do an embryo transfer from her next spring. I bred her to event but am unsure of the future of the sport. I really just want to breed the best athletes I can, with as much blood as possible for myself to compete in one of the Olympic disciplines (not married to only being an eventer, but will compete my mare there as long as it makes sense to).
I’m looking at Herald 3 but wonder if their conformation is compatible.

Another interesting prospect is Future Prophecy who looks very promising, but is still young himself.

Any other suggestions welcome, my mare has three correct paces and a free shoulder. Could use some strength behind but that could also come with age. I’d be interested if anyone has suggestions of a stallion that’s maybe 60% blood…? And of course I would prefer a nice temperament but I don’t like dunder-heads :crazy_face:

Here is my mare’s pedigrees

Here is a picture of my mare on top and Herald 3 below

Do you have any other pictures of her front legs? I assume she isn’t as coon footed as she appears to be in that photo. Have you done anything with her yet?

Hmm I don’t have any pictures of her front legs. She isn’t short in the pastern, but the photo does make her look more coon footed than she is in real life. Her sire was similar and evented through to the old CCI3* staying sound and competing into his 20’s.
She is still green but I have jumped her a little and she has done baby shows, mostly hacking out and building a good base. She is a little insecure but trainable and smart.

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The Future stallions are all producing lovely offspring. Have a look at the British Breeding Futurity online, if you can find it.

So here is a thread discussing Herald 3’s exterior and other possible stallions

If he was approved by the Dutch I believe they score them if you can access the data base?