Stallion Suggestions

I recently acquired a new broodmare, who had a fabulous foal in 2021 by Balounito. I think I’d like to breed her to Dauphin in 2022, but I’m also open to other suggestions. She has some lovely breeding further back, and I would like to bring some of that back closer, as most of it will be “off paper” on her foals, however she herself is a very “old type” mare. She’s 17.2, and big/heavy and angular in ever aspect albeit correct with a fabulous brain, show record and she really outdid herself with her 2021 foal!

Her damside is primarily Hunter bred through Regardez and some TB, while her sireside goes back to Donnerhall and Florestan I in the 4/5th gen.

I’m good with fresh or frozen, but prefer something I can get my hands on within Canada, especially for fresh. Frozen I’m okay with importing, but with the timeline constraints for Fresh given my rural location, it’s just not an option to bring across the boarder.

My goal with my program is to produce ammy friendly horses with the qualities a professional would admire, so here’s my tall order:

  • marketable, well known breeding
  • dressage or hunter
  • modern / refining / smaller
  • if fresh, in Canada only
  • if frozen can be worldwide, but bonus points for being in canada
  • superior temperament

I think correct conformation goes without saying, but her front end is her weakest area - she’s fairly short legged with a moderately sloped shoulder, and though she isn’t bum high or disproportioned, she would benefit from refining and compacting all around.

Hit me with 'em!

What is her registry? Is registry options for the foal a concern?
Photos of her conformation?
And if inspected at any point, what did they say about improvement?

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She is CWHBA, but has not been inspected. I’m most familiar with KWPN, but not necessarily married to any specifics, as long as the foal obviously is eligible for papers.

She just weaned a foal and looks kinda “icky” IMO, so I don’t have any decent pictures worth sharing at the moment, but I’m confident in my ability to evaluate her in that sense!

Gotcha. I admit I am not familiar with CWHBA. What reciprocity – if any – is shared with other studbooks?

I only just glanced over the CWHBA page, so if she is not inspected, is she default in A? Will you be inspecting her?

Just off the top of my head, thinking of the registry your mare is in, there is a stallion in your neck of the woods that is registered by CWHBA named VDL Windsor H. He is by Indoctro out of a Ahorn mare (Fanieta - who has several UL offspring), so is as jumper-bred as they come – but he is of modern type and seems to make nice amateur horses.

Yes, she is in A Book by pedigree however I’m new to CHWBA but I have been in talks with them for well over a year to try and arrange an inspection in my area (long before I knew she would fall into my lap) but unfortunately COVID has put a damper on things… le sigh! Either way, I would like to have her inspected.

My understanding from CWHBA is there aren’t really any registration limitations provided the foal is sited by a stallion from any other recognized studbook. That being said, I’m far from married to CWHBA, so I’m flexible. Thua far my knowledge has been with KWPN (TB x KWPN approved stallions).

I’ll definitely look into him! Thanks so much for the suggestion!

Dreamscape Farm is in Canada and they have some pretty impressive stallions and lots of choices. I am sure they have a pretty good idea what each stallion produces with a variety of mares. I would give them a call.


Has you gotten the mare WFFS tested yet? That’s an important consideration.

Sir Wanabi is in Canada and a lovely proven stallion. Tall, but modern, and fits some of the rest of your wish list pretty well. He’s a WFFS carrier though, so you would want to get your mare tested.

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I think Sir Wanabi is deceased but they may have frozen semen. I agree - if you have not already done so - get your mare tested for WFFS before you make your choice. It just requires a hair pull and is inexpensive to test.

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Yes, I actually just popped WFFS sample in the mail today! :slight_smile:


Another thought for you - Westporte. Again - he’s tall… 16.3. But a very nice type, and well known. Reputation for offspring with very very good brains, and great walks and canters. Definitely known as a hunter type producer, but a good mover who wouldn’t detract from dressage potential in a foal.

He might not be enough of a modern or refining type stallion though. He’s produced some truly lovely offspring however.

Finally got a chance to take a photo, although of course it was 60km/hr winds and she was standing weird, but gives an idea.


From the pictures I do not think she is terribly " old fashioned". Not as light as some of the recent “modern” horses but not really old style with a long back and long flat croup. Her pasterns do look a little short and upright. Lovely neck and deep shoulder. Looks very powerful. I don’t think her front legs are really that short. If she was thinner, fitter and did not have a belly her legs would look longer. I guess you could say the same things about me. HAHA!!!

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I think Sporken probably has a good chance of giving you a longer front leg and lighten her up. Rockefeller probably won’t but might downsize her some. I doubt either would give you a hunter. Canadream Farm also has some Dutch stallions that might lighten her up too. There are probably more stallions standing in Canada that I do not know about.

You and me both, lol!

I appreciate your opinion. She’s so much heavier than most others I have and/or have worked with, so perhaps that’s where my reservation comes in.

I certainly think she could be “older” in type, but I wouldn’t want to encourage that I guess is moreso my thoughts on it!

Dauphin has consistently sired very nice, and correct offspring with great temperaments. Pictures of his recent foals in Canada have consistently shown they are lovely. His statistics in the Hanoverian yearbook, determined by offspring, have always been good in both type and conformation. He isn’t know for siring particularly big offspring, which I don’t think you are looking for? In addition, he has super semen. I bred to him a few years ago, when he was still in Germany, and his frozen was better than many stallion’s fresh.


Wonderful, I was thinking the same way!