Stallion tips for heavy Colman mare


I have a holsteiner mare by Colman. She is big and muscular, but a very scopey jumper. Her previous foal turned out rather big, so i am looking for a stallion with a bit more blood and maybe not too big (though i like big horses).

I have looked at Comme Il Faut and Diarado. But since I am rather new to the breeding arena, I would really appreciate some tips and advise :slight_smile:

I have used Diarado on a large-framed and heavy but rather boney Hanoverian mare by Goodman and the resulting filly is much lighter, definitely more modern. She is still tall but the mare tends to add height to all of her babies.

This year I am breeding a mare of similar type by Contendro I to Comme il Faut so in a few years time I will be able to provide you with more accurate feedback :winkgrin:

Best of luck! In my opinion both are phenomenal stallions!

Can not give advise but LOVE Colman - saw him at a presentation and he has some sort of Aura and presence. Love his son Crumble.

I have seen some really nice young horse by Diarado out of c-line mares he does appear to modernise and they all tended to be 16-16.2 even from bigger mares and had lovely heads. I have seen a couple though with quite short necks not sure if that was coming from him but was my only negative on the ones I’ve seen. All had beautiful heads

The Royal Beach Farao stallion should refine. He is Anglo Arabian through the dam line and that influence should come through in his foals.

He won in Europe, Canada and the USA at the GP and World Cup levels under several riders, so he would have the performance background you are looking for. The only question mark is how he will produce - he was successful for so long in the show ring, he is starting his breeding career very late and his first foals are due in June 2017, but with Gotthard through the sire line, he should produce consistent athletes with that influence …