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Standing in endurance stirrups

Dear All,

I have tarsal tunnel-which is carpal tunnel in your feet. I am agonizing and overthinking (as is my wont) about stirrups. I have borrowed a pair of MDC with the wide tread. While they are loads better than the narrow regular stirrups, after a long ride I can still feel the absurd burning in my soles-like someone is giving me a Yosemite Sam hot foot.

So I’ve been looking at the EZride stirrups. They are wide and have a pad. The MDC of course aren’t padded, at least the ones I borrowed don’t. EZride is cheaper as well.

Has anyone tried to do a 2 point in them? We have long runs at my hunt over our long flat fields and thus lots of 2 point.

Thanks for any help and advice!!!

Huntin’ Fool

I don’t hunt, but did make the switch from MDC to Easy Ride Tapaderos. I wanted a cage/cover so I felt comfortable really putting my foot deep in the stirrup instead of just on the balls of my feet.

I find them extremely comfortable though I use them with stirrup turners so they always lay the correct way. I don’t two points often but I do half seat and trim trees from the saddle so I do spend time “standing” in the stirrups.

So far I’m very happy with them and the comfort. The cushion and the cage to help me feel comfortable enough to put my stirrup further back has helped my foot pain and knee pain.

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SLW, that’s wild! I just got those very stirrups! Compositi. The person I bought my horse from said that’s what she used. I’ve just ridden in them a couple of times but they feel great. They are really light weight, so I can see if you lost your stirrup it might be hard to get back.

They are wide, with a squashy rubbery pad that seems to feel better than the wide metal MDC stirrups I’d borrowed. Maybe I can find a long trail or endurance ride to go on!


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Yeah, hope you continue to like them! I haven’t had an issue rooting my foot back in them if I take my feet out to stretch my legs.

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You might consider gluing some sort of weight to the bottom of the stirrup to provide that bit of stability to allow you to pick up your stirrups easier.

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