Standing in endurance stirrups

Dear All,

I have tarsal tunnel-which is carpal tunnel in your feet. I am agonizing and overthinking (as is my wont) about stirrups. I have borrowed a pair of MDC with the wide tread. While they are loads better than the narrow regular stirrups, after a long ride I can still feel the absurd burning in my soles-like someone is giving me a Yosemite Sam hot foot.

So I’ve been looking at the EZride stirrups. They are wide and have a pad. The MDC of course aren’t padded, at least the ones I borrowed don’t. EZride is cheaper as well.

Has anyone tried to do a 2 point in them? We have long runs at my hunt over our long flat fields and thus lots of 2 point.

Thanks for any help and advice!!!

Huntin’ Fool

Love my EZ Rides! Two point is not a problem.