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Starman (Olympic Stallion)

I currently own a gelding whos sire was Starman. He is amazing. I am hoping to find a mare or stallion out of Starman to potentially breed, for a chance to continue to own a horse like the one I have today. Anyone know of any mares or stallions out of the Westphalian stallion Starman?


I think the stallion in question has been passed away for some time so you won’t be finding sons or daughters.

Fertile ones, anyway. Most are in their twenties. His best daughter was Star Twist (1990) who was a good speed horse for Laura Chapot. The Chapots may have more out of that line. Or try contacting Ann Kursinski or Carol Hoffman at Market Street Farm. Starman was actively breeding while Ann was competing him so they must have some clues about finding descendants.

This is not really helpful but I had a Starman gelding that was my least favorite horse I have ever owned. Don’t forget to look at the mare line, it may have contributed significantly to create the horse you like!

Yikes, please don’t start breeding horses yet.

Foals are By a stallion and Out Of a mare. If you plan to acquire a stallion or a mare to breed, you need to begin at square one. Terminology.

After you have mastered that, then take a few years to learn by working for a breeder, or if you are wealthy, hire someone to manage your breeding stallion or your broodmare(s). :yes: