Starting a Horse Blog

Hey guys! I’d like to start off by saying that I couldn’t decide if this belonged in the “Off Course” or “Off Topic” threads…but then I thought that this was still horse related…so here we are! :slight_smile: Secondly, my enter button isn’t working…I know…so I apologize in advance for the jumbled mess :eek: Here goes! I am thinking about starting a blog about horses (duhh!:lol:). Mainly, I would talk about my horse, an OTTB mare, whom I have almost solely trained over the past two years. She’s still got some basics to learn, but I thought people might be interested (and maybe inspired?) to read about an (at the time) 16 year old girl who is retraining this mare…basically by herself. Thoughts? Good idea or no? If so, what tips do you guys have about blogging? Whether you blog yourself, or if you’ve read blogs (I know you have ;))–what advice do you have? Also, I was hoping to run/generate ideas past/through you guys? (If that made any sense…). My mare’s name is Dharma, and my name is Skylar…if that helps any! I appreciate any and all help. Thank you!