Starting an equine massage business?

Asking on behalf of my partner. She is currently in the middle of a bachelor of science and has been scaling back her horse numbers as she doesn’t have time to ride during term.

The question that has come about is this:
She has an equilibrium pad, full activo med rug plus boots and belly band, red light therapy torch, equissage and transportable solarium(currently set up in her float) as well as a qualification in equine massage. Her study runs from april-early Oct and leaves her free from oct-april which coincides with the nz competition season.

Would there be any market for her to travel to shows during the season with her rugs/pads/solarium and offer massage appointments to people competing? She has previously gone to shows as an equine massage therapist and been fairly successful but never gave it her full attention due to also competing herself but as she no longer has competition horses this wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

What would you pay for an hour of each of these services if you would?

Basically we are trying to decide if it’s worth keeping her gear or not!

Thanks for any and all help!

I would try it for a season and see how it goes.

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I thought horses needed resting after a massage. So for that reason, at a show, it would be a no for me. I more-or-less trailer in though.

Definitely check that it is legal in your state. Some require vet supervision, some ban is altogether. Most fall somewhere in the middle. My friend has been doing it for 20 years. She’s charging between $70-&100 depending on the situation. (we’re in an expensive area)

If you are in New Zealand and many of us are in the USA, I doubt our answers will be useful. I don’t even know what the currency there is.

My first thought is, are these services that typically are used for an hour at a time? It looks like the equilibrium pad is for 30 minute sessions.

I would be interested in feel-good services for my horse at an event.

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@green_pastures, you should be aware that not all comps in NZ may allow this. I have been to some that explicitly prohibit doing this for money at an event.

For pricing you’d be better off asking on your area’s local equestrian fb group because it’s going to vary depending on how many other people in your area are offering this kind of service.

I was just about to say the same. There was talk of requiring equine massage therapists to have vet credentials in my state 2 years ago. I want to say it might actually be required in MD, but not 100% sure on that.