Starting New Threads

Do we need to have the list of forums for every new thread when we start it? Can’t we just figure that the new thread is intended for the current forum? This seems like an unnecessary complication to me.

Yep, that was a surprise to me also.

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If you start a new thread from within the forum, it defaults to that forum.

If you start a thread from a place outside of a specific forum (like the “latest” list) you have to choose a forum.

I don’t see that as particularly burdensome or unusual behavior? How would you expect it to behave if different?


Hmm. That did not seem to be the case the first time I started a thread, but maybe I was in the latest list.

Yes, I too thought I was in the CE forum, tried to start a thread there and the menu of which forum you want that in popped up.
I was wondering for a minute why, then just clicked CE and continued without problem.

I was thinking, just one more odd way to do things.

I started another thread and checked first to be sure I was in the right place and it didn’t ask me to determine where I wanted it.
Either they fixed that glitch, or some times we were making a mistake and were not in the forum we meant to be when it asked us to confirm where we want it.

The king of irrelevant to the topic at hand, strikes again. :joy: