Starting Showing as an Adult

I’m looking to start showing in the next year or so. I’ve never really shown before, just one semester in college in IHSA. The only problem is, I have an unregistered grade horse. Based on what he’s shown me, I believe he would make a good reining horse. I’d like to show in the western ring in general; western pleasure, trail, and of course reining in particular. I’ve noticed most of these shows are geared towards registered purebred horses. Any advice about starting out with a grade?

I should have noted that I’m in my 20’s.

You would do best finding a trainer to work with and that trainer will know what the show scene is in your area and where you and your horse will fit best.

In open shows, registration papers don’t matter, so maybe you should try for those?

Open shows are a great place to start. Where do you live? The American Stock Horse Association has shows that are also a great place to start. They offer clinics on Saturday and you show Sunday. Look them up and see if they have any in your area.

Just depends which shows you want to go to. Of course, you won’t be able to attend a breed show with an unregistered horse, but any open show will do.

You can create a “show name” for your horse and no one will be the wiser on the fact he’s grade. :wink:

I also second the advice to work with a trainer. They can give you insight on which shows to attend, and help you hone your skills.

I do quite a bit of showing myself, but I personally stick with the local open shows. I may venture to a breed show one of these days, but I’m more in it for the fun, which is what the local open shows provide. I still work with my trainers though!