Steel frame/aluminum skin trailer brands?

I am unfortunately in the market for a new or preferably new-to-me trailer. I’m specifically looking for a steel frame/aluminum skin 2+1 gooseneck trailer. I know that Hawk and EquiSpirit are both brands that make this style trailer. I was wondering if anyone knows of other brands I can look into as I start my search?

I had an Adam that was built this way and was terrific. I bought it used, took care of it, and sold it 10+ years later for almost as much as I had paid for it. Not a fancy trailer, but safe, clean, and towed well.

Gore. Made in NC. I am on my third one in 35 years, as my trailering needs have changed.


Trail-et is another. They aren’t in business any more, but there are likely some good used ones out there

Balanced Ride (rear facing) is another option

Balanced Ride and Equispirit are both made by Hawk. I’ve had my Hawk for 15 years now and it’s in excellent condition.