Stickiest riding gloves?

My gloves are too slick, and when the reins get sweaty, they are useless. I don’t want to have a death grip on the reins! A company used to make football style gloves for riders, but they discontinued them. What are your favorite grippy gloves? (Not looking for rein suggestions.)

Roeckl Specificly, this one:

My Roeckl RoeckGrip gloves still get pretty slick when my horse is sweaty. I prefer the SSG original all weather

Give baseball batting gloves a try! A friend has the padded version for her heavy puller and I use the regular ones - love them.

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These Haukeschmidt gloves have the same tacky treatment as football receivers’ gloves, I love mine and they’ve really lasted:

The sticky gloves at are wonderful!! I have pretty severe arthritis in my right hand and these help me hang on to the reins without a strong grip.

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I love my Uvex gloves. I use the Sumair model:

I love my ancient Neumann Tackified gloves. These would appear to be the next best thing:

I had a pair of macWet and loved them… but can no longer find them in white…

Macwet for sure. I like Neumann’s too. The factory that made them had a fire and they painstakingly figured out how to make them again. If it’s raining or super hot/sweaty, my go to that never fails me (including dressage and on cross country) is thinline reins and MacWet.

A brand I’m currently loving (but have not put through all the paces) is Sweet Iron. They do come in white. They’ve stayed super tacky for me in the late spring SC heat and are easy to wash. Work with the phone too. Ships from Australia no problem.

I love my roeckl but I’ve never found a pair that stayed tacky when wet. I wear them all the time when the weather isn’t an issue.

I should have mentioned that I need white ones for showing, and that Roeckl are what I currently use. Thanks for the suggestions for Heritage. I’ve never heard of MacWet, but if I can’t get them in white…I just ordered some football player gloves from Nike. I’ll see how they are…