Still can't find Off Topic and Current Events

I tried reading FAQ , and tried to find them in my preferences, they don’t show up on my categories list, and they are not listed in Muted.

I tried sending a message to the Mods but have not gotten a response

Anything else I should try?


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I think there might be a required posting level to be able to see them. Could that be it?

Hopefully @Moderator_1 knows the trick.

They are in my list of categories, and I can access them, but they do have little locks by the name in the list now. I wonder if they’re limiting users in those forums?


They are not visible to non-members. I think that is what those locks mean on this forum.

@AnastasiaBeaverhousen Those forums automatically get added to registered users’ accounts. I think it may be after they reach the first “level up” in the Trust system. They weren’t added to your account for some reason, but I just fixed it. Bizarre.

How did you try to contact a moderator? I didn’t see anything come through. Apologies for the trouble!

Yes, the little locks mean that various forums are not accessible to all users.

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Thanks Mod. It was a week or so ago. I figured yall were kinda busy.
Thanks to all who answered.