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Stilt grass


Has anyone been using this method for abolishing stilt grass? I now have stilt grass in each of my pastures/pens, although sometimes not much and other times, it’s significant. I plan to try this next year and I’m also wanting to plant native grasses. Any thoughts or experiences???

There are several control methods described in that article, which are you asking about?

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Its an annual so as long as you can pull or kill it before it seeds, that is what you want to do. Jap. Stilt grass is the thorn in my side, its all over my woods. We mow it regularly and it is keeping it at bay.

There is a guy in OH that does different ways to kill it including fire, and fire is not 100% spraying and pulling it out is the most effective I have discovered. (it pulls out pretty easy)

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Hi Simkie, I was looking at the management calendar that starts with the pre-emergence in February. The amount of stilt grass I have is way beyond pulling and it gets pretty thick in the woods behind me. I haven’t used those chemicals before and hope they’re effective. I guess I’ll start in February and just keep applying until I don’t see it anymore. I thought of removing my trees, but that’s a pretty expensive way to get rid of the stilt grass - LOL.