Stirrup cages for my Bow Balance irons

I want to ride with cages and all the ones I have found seem to be systems that go with a certain iron. I guess I could make some western style but I was hoping someone would have a source for universal ones. Anybody have any ideas?

I’m not sure they exist. Usually you need a few attachment points for the cages. You might be able to get something close sizewise with an English style endurance stirrup, but I’m struggling to picture how it would attach to a Bow Balance stirrup.

I have some generic ones I placed on standard english irons (before I upgraded to the ugly but awesome East Care stirrups). The ones I tried you have to replace the footbed grippy part. Not sure the details of the bow balance, if that would work.

You could probably DIY them with some biothane and heavy duty snaps (like the ones they use on bridles to snap them onto rope halters)