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Stirrup Recommendation

I’m not a true endurance rider more like pleasure and trails but I have arthritis in my feet and the pain in the ball of my foot has been getting worse. I ride in standard English stirrups with the Eventing rubber wrap for grip. I do not like the stirrups that flex. My saddle is actually an endurance saddle that’s helped my back a lot and I’d love to find a really good pair of endurance stirrups. I think a wider bed and any padding would help my feet be less sore. Any suggestions?

Distance Depot has a selection of stirrups with wide padded footbeds. I have Tough Ones, which are very good.

I have the tough 1( plastic ones) which I like on 3 of my saddles. I can get a burning in the ball of my right foot but not when i use these. I have a pair of Tuckers as well on my mares saddle but they are heavy…

I’m going to pay attention to this thread, because on longer trail rides I think I need to change up my stirrup configuration. For my everyday dressage stuff, it’s fine, but I think I can do better for the trails.

I’m thinking some width would help as well as padding.

Riding Warehouse has several - a pair like these are somewhere to start: