Stirrups and leathers for two year old

hey all! Any recommendations for the shortest stirrup leathers and teeny stirrup irons for my little leadliner? I’ve looked and looked trying to find the smallest irons I can, and preferably short leathers too. Obviously I can punch holes in leathers as much as necessary but having the excess hanging down past the pony’s barrel is a bit annoying. The smallest children’s irons I could find were just too big for my kid’s tiny feet and made it hard for her to feel comfortable. We’ve just been riding stirrup free but it would be nice to teach her jumping position and be able to show with her in comfort. Google searching has been completely unsuccessful. Thanks for the help!

So, if your using the black neoprene/plastic starter saddles then go with a set of nylon DOG COLLARS. I promise it works, looks good and the buckle slides under the little flap under their leg.
If your DD is old enough to already be in a leather saddle the by all means go with a custom set of Gary Mundy leathers!! He can make them ANY length, ANY color and makes the holes every 1/2 inch for growing kids. He even stamps their initials at the end with a flower (or decoration of your choice) to make them a keepsake!! They are CHEAPER than any other pair of stirrup leathers you will find on the market and QUALITY as well. Just search his name on Facebook or Google to order.

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I found an awesome little leather 12" for super cheap so that’s what we’re riding in. Her feet juust touch the bottom of the flap lol. Love the dog collar idea! I’ll have to do that if I end up getting a nylon saddle for the next kid. But what about irons?? The smallest I’ve ever found fit a six to ten year old. Am I just not using the right search term?