Stolen Horses In Wisconsin

Five of my very valuable and very loved horses, including three very expensive mares, two Arabians and a National Show Horse (all of which are very valuable with incredible bloodlines), were stolen from me by a woman who worked at a veterinary clinic in Rubicon, WI.
I had her watching my horses while I was out of town, she stole them and forged a bill of sale. I have contacted the person whose signature she forged and have proof that he did not sign or nor initiate any bill of sale. This woman will tell anyone any story possible to make herself look like she legally did this but I have the proof she did not. I don’t believe I am the only victim as she ran a rescue organization for horses and I am not sure if she legally obtained all of the horses she has obtained.
I am specifically looking for two of the five horses of mine that she has illegally stolen and believed to be sold, I am not actively looking for the other horses of mine as I believe to know where they are.
If you think one of your horses may have been illegally taken by her, please contact me. If you think you have seen or know where the horses of mine that are believed to be sold are, please contact me. The rescue organization was being run in Dodge County, WI and the contact information is in Hartford, WI. In addition, please contact me if you would like to know the story in its entirety as well as how to help further.

The horses of mine that I am looking for were listed on equinenow called “Sara” and "Minuet. “Sara” is a dark bay, almost black, Arabian mare with only one marking, a white pastern marking on her hind left leg. She is believed to have matured to be between 14.1 -14.3. She is believed to have been sold in Dodge County, WI.
“Minuet” is a mahogany/dark bay Arabian mare with no markings besides a 1-2 inch scar on the left side of her neck, just above the shoulder. She is also believed to have been sold in Dodge County, WI.

Please, please contact me at if you would like to learn how to help me with this further and if you have any information at all or if you would like any more information including a photo of “Sara” and “Minuet”. This is devastating and any help would be wonderful.