Stonewall Saddles heads up

I’m not an endurance rider myself, but I can’t let this pass without comment, and I know their saddles seem to be fairly popular in the endurance world… heads up for anyone considering a saddle purchase from them.

Wow. That is just awful. I hope her patronage dwindles to zero.
Her inability to write a coherent sentence is also disturbing.

so sick. i just have a problem with any hate like this

Yikes! She’s not so fun to deal with anyway- a good friend of mine ordered a saddle from her at convention. To say it was a disaster is putting it mildly

Thanks for sharing this here. I hope that’s the end of her company.

I had never heard of this brand and went to the website … she’s offering to trade one of her saddles for an ounce of minted gold. Just going to leave that there.


Thanks for the heads up. Had looked at those saddles long ago, they are permanently off my list, and I can warn others too. Scary.

Wow. Who thinks it’s okay to write something that offensive?

I hope she’s out of business soon.

What are you all talking about, and why isn’t it ok to sell a saddle for an ounce of gold? The price is about right. They’re great saddles.

I suspect that there was something else written on the website (aside from the ounce of gold thing) that has since been taken down, probably because of negative feedback.