Stopping mud outside the run-in before it starts

Soon my three horses will have a 12’ x 24’ run-in in their field. They’ll be in stalls at night.

I want to avoid the mud pit that forms at the front of the shed.

I’m thinking about putting mud control panel(s) and filling those with crushed stone (stone dust in my region). Do I need mud control panels across the entire opening of the run-in? Or, would one centered to the opening suffice?

If money is no object, then do the whole area.

If it is, spend some time watching how they use the structure. If you give them a mud free path in and out they will probably use it.

I have always wanted someone to buy a bunch of the Paramount mud control grids and give us a report, they look awesome, particularly because they can be picked up and re-arranged. (I am allergic to permanent infrastructure these days.)


Thank you wsmoak.

Unfortunately, money IS an object (unless I’ve won the large Lotto).

I’d never heard of the Paramount mud grids. They’re made by a Canadian/ European company called Hahn. The portability sounds great, but they’re $$$. I was thinking something along the lines of Ramm’s mud control grids - they’re a little bit less expensive (I think). Little being the operative term though.

I agree with @wsmoak.

I like to assume if you just do a small area they will use it and prevent mud from forming in the other areas but … ha…they are horses.

Another thing to do is to make sure you clean up all organic matter that ends up there. Rake up hay bits, makes sure the manure is picked up. That will help reduce your mud problem too.