Stopping shoulder rubs: Sleazy or Bossybibs? Which…

Do you prefer and why?


Bossys Bibs all the way. Works better to prevent rubs. Easier to put on and take off. No hardware to break. The end.


Absolutely Bossy Bibs! Much easier to use, more comfortable for the horse, and no rubs.


Agree that bib is much preferable to sleazy. Easy to get on than a sleazy, doesn’t pull or rub hair the wrong way.

Bossy’s Bibs but I used the cheap knock offs by Weatherbeeta or Shires and they work just as well.

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Bossy’s Bibs!

What’s rubbing your horse’s shoulders?

An ill fitting blanket?

I think your $$ is better spent on a blanket style/cut that fits your horse appropriately, if that’s what’s rubbing your horse’s shoulders. It will make a world of a difference, especially for more sensitive horses. I’ve had a DVM literally prescribe a former horse or mine, a better fitting blanket. She had arthritis of the humeral joint. It was a night and day difference.


Bossy bibs…I have tried the nylon shoulder guards and the “Wunderwear” under garment they came up with decades ago…the Bossy Bib was the only thing that worked.
A blanket can fit well and still rub…I have a horse with big shoulders… I found a brand with a cut that fits his shape and he is in the correct size and he still gets rubs without the bib. I don’t have that problem with my other two.


I will echo everyone else. Bossy Bibs are noticeably better. No idea why…

Do the Bossy’s Bibs have a girth strap or do they just sit around the neck? I couldn’t tell from the stock photos.

They just sit there. But they work fine without any need to be strapped in more. The shape keeps them in place. There a loop you can lace the front buckles or surcingles through but I don’t fine you even need to.

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