Storing Saddle Pads

Hello! I need an efficent way to store my western saddle pads in my tack locker. The locker is fairly wide, just not that long. Pretty much just over the length of my barrel saddle. Lots of space to put them, just don’t know if anyone has any recommendations and things they use. Thank you!

I use an oversized suitcase. They stay clean, no worries with rodents chewing them, and when I go to a show I can grab that and I always have a color I need.


Could you use something like this blanket rack we have hanging in a corner of the tack room?


Can you show a picture of what your tack locker looks like?

Can you set it upside down on top of your saddle, but crossways? Is your locker wide enough for that?

Are these used or clean and dry pads? In other words, is air circulation around them an issue? Would you be comfortable rolling them and storing them vertically in tubes?