Strapless fitted pads - opinions?

Does anyone have any opinions/experience with the fitted pads that do not have the strap that fits over the girth straps? I’ve been looking to get a new fitted saddle pad and the cheaper options seem to be these kind. I’ve never used ones without the strap to hold them in place and I don’t want to waste money on something that will just slide around. I’ve read a few reviews but they all sound like they are only using the fitted pad for showing. I’m looking for schooling options and I use a baby pad underneath my fitted pad so I’m concerned there may be issues of it not being able to grip the pad.

I have this one.

I generally ride in a half pad and square/baby pad, but I hunt in a fitted fleece pad. We were out two hours over all sorts of terrain, and it didn’t move at all. It’s not brand new, either, so I don’t think its gripping power diminishes with age in any significant way.

i never use the straps for the girth even if it comes with the saddle pad, and I always cut the ones that go to the billets. I don’t think they ever perfectly match the saddle, and I’d rather be able to adjust the saddle and pad as I see fit.

For my horse if I don’t use the girth straps the pad will slide back. I can’t use billet straps on my current saddle as I have monoflap.

I dislike the straps too and never use them. I use the Wilkers cling on show pad. It fits perfectly under my saddle and never moves an inch!

I don’t love the straps. However, on my horse, all pads will shift backwards if I don’t have straps on. If this is true of your horse, then you will need straps. But there is no reason you can’t sew them on yourself, and position them as you like. There is bound to be something at the fabric store that would work, some kind of extra-wide binding tape?

My favorite pads are from BR and the girth straps open up with velcro, so you can tighten the girth and then close the straps over the girth.

If your horse doesn’t shed his saddle pads, then you don’t need straps at all, of course.

I use the Success Equestrian No Slip Pad and love it. It has the grippers on the horse side and the saddle side.

I have the Wilker’s fitted pad with the ‘non slip’ circle patch on it, and I find that it still slips. I will most likely have girth straps put on it as it is one of my favorite fitted pads. :slight_smile: