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Streaming live video Lessons??? Anyone got this figured out?

Is anyone streaming live video of themselves riding to their trainer and getting a live lesson this way? The technology looks to exsist at this point so is anyone doing this? What programs are you using? What have been the difficulties and technical issues?

I don’t see this as replacing in person lessons but I do think this could be a way to train more regularly with someone at a distance which is aplicable for a bunch of reasons. Relocation, moving to a rural area or to an area that dosent have a trainer that works for you even cost potentially.

Following. I do not know anyone who has done this but I’d like to once I’m back with an equine partner. There is no substitute for eyes on the ground (live) but if you have to choose between no eyes and digital eyes, it would still be incredibly helpful.

It seems like if you would need to pair a tracking video camera on a tripod to a live streaming feed with high speed internet and have the rider wearing a microphone that was attached to this set up.

Central Arizona Riding Academy was doing this with a remote clinician for a while.

Here is the info: http://clinicinthecloudsolutions.com/


wsmoak - Thank you for that link I will investigate that more.

I would think that people don’t need a service to do this for them but could do this like GraceLikeRain suggested with a video camera live streaming and some sort of audio even if you used a phone and bluetooth for that. With the SoloShot as a base that should lead to being able to just set that up to follow your movement. You would need good internet service of course.

From Flying Colours Stables on Facebook. They work remotely with Shannon Peters.

"My very talented (and eloquent) son has put together an equipment list and set up guide for using the Pixio and Skype for remote lessons. We have a lesson with Shannon each Wednesday afternoon. Email me if you would like a copy!


Tried it a few years ago with a trainer who lived several states away. A friend set up her camera ringside to show a 20m circle worth of space, and ran skype thru her phone to a bluetooth headset. Only difficulty was poor quality internet so his view of her could get jerky. Might be better now.

This is exactly why I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my SoloShot 2 with live streaming.

I have done video lessons with my Solo Shot 1, but they were not live. I uploaded to YouTube and then screen shared with my instructor. We watched it together and he commented. It is surprising how helpful it was even after the fact.

Quite honestly, just taking and watching good quality video myself is hugely helpful. What I feel is happening and what I see actually happened can be quite different.

One last “out there” idea – a Nest or other webcam. You would not be zoomed in, but the picture quality is very, very good. They have two-way audio. Your instructor would just go to the url for your cam and enter the password. Pretty simple.

Here is another well done article about doing lessons using Skype:


Yes, I have done it for years now. It is literally my only source of lessons.

It has its challenges, i.e. sometimes the Internet lags and video jumps, etc, but really it works quite well.

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Sorry I meant to add:

I use a laptop with Skype and a handheld camera connected. My husband runs it for me. I am sure a Pixio would work too to follow and zoom.

I use use a Bluetooth and my cell for audio.

Instructor sits at computer, watches the video and talks to me on the phone.

Obviously good internet on both sides is critical. But my instructor can see me live to within a fraction of a second lag time.

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Reviving this thread to see if anyone has been doing this recently and has any recommendations for advanced level remote coaching, priced around $100 or less per lesson? (My horses are schooling 3rd/4th level - I have a pixem and trying to find new trainer options, especially someone who can schedule reasonable times PST).

There are trainers I recognize on the pixem site but wondering if anyone has experience with anyone in particular before I reach out.

My trainer was fine learning how to give me video lessons so sometimes you just have to ask your trainer. I have a Pivo and I’ve also used FB live, Apple’s Facetime, as well as Skype.

Thx! To clarify, I’m looking for trainers.

Do you have a trainer? Most trainers now will do virtual lessons. Go find one you like and ask!

Looking for tips on a new one who has more advanced experience! Haven’t had luck with a couple I tried for scheduling but just “cold” messaged another west coast person. :crossed_fingers: