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Stripes: Latest UPDATE! (Last post)

I love his scruffy face. He looks like he’s seen it all and might have some walls up. I’m excited for stripe’s new journey. I love the idea of a seniors for seniors program.


Maybe suggest the program to your local shelter?
They’re going to do the neutering/testing for FeLu, even some microchip, anyhow.
And seniors hesitate to take on a kitten or younger cat they might not outlive.
I know I might not have Stripes for very long, but at least he’ll have a Home again.


Mr Stripes is home :smirk_cat:
Quietly reconnoitering & seems satisfied with the arrangements.
Bounce is on the couch with me, saw New Guy once & hissed, but not tracking him, so…
Give Peace a Chance?

Good news is Stripes loves the same Delectables treats I feed Bounce.
Dry kibble (shelter gave me 4 days’ worth) is Taste of the Wild & they feed Friskies canned food.
Pre-Cheeto’s FIC, I used to feed same brand.
So hoping Bounce will become re-interested in Friskies & Stripes will adapt to the dry Iams Urinary, as they’re both older & can’t hurt.

If I can get a Meet & Greet pic of the 2, I’ll post :smirk:

Keeping (silent) Watch:
-Bounce on the couch, Stripes giving zero Effs-

& We have a Counter Surfer :smirk:


oh squee! I wish nothing but the best for you, Bounce and Stripe! Now the fun begins.


What a great post to read! Lucky Mr Stripes. I’m glad you brought him home.


“Fun” began around 1:30A, when Kitty Cussing Opera woke me :expressionless:
Bounce telling Stripes the bedroom is Off Limits, Stripes replying EffU!
No escalation, no fur flew, but I am now finishing the evening on the couch - which was the DMZ until I went to bed around midnight - Bounce is “guarding” me, Stripes is keeping a low profile.
:pray: This is as bad as it gets… :roll_eyes:


Kitty Cussing Opera!!! :smile: :smile: :smile:


At the Shelter-required Wellness Vet Check :smirk_cat:
Stripes weighs 8.1#.
He could probably gain a lb or two, that will come as he settles in.

Bounce & he touched noses yesterday - in Stripes’ domain: the kitchen.
Stripes hissed, then they walked away from each other.
This morning they met again, both wanting to beg for my breakfast.
Oatmeal, which neither wanted :roll_eyes:
No growling or hissing, more like disdain from both.
I’m calling that More Progress. :grin:

I expect Stripes will be mad at me when we get home.
He was most horrified by the tech taking his temp :scream_cat:


Leaps & Bounds :smiley_cat::smirk_cat:

Yesterday Bounce drank from Stripes’ water.
Because if it’s in another room, it’s better? :smirk:
No fraternizing, but tonight Bounce joined Stripes begging for my dinner.
Both in the kitchen at the same time.
Bounce always begs, rarely wants anything I give him.
Stripes, OTOH, loooves food & noms anything.
Bounce watched Stripes from his perch on the table (I live alone, Muss Manners is not invited),
Stripes from his post at my knee.
No hostility from either :blush:
We may have Feline BFFs soon :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


I am so happy to hear this! Congratulations! It can sometimes be difficult.


How’s Tater doing?

eh, he’s ok. Sleeping in clean laundry. Getting along with Bug? Not so much. Sometimes they can pass each other with no problems. But last night Bug was lording it over him, and he was crying. He also stalks Puddin’. I am readying the spray bottle for all of them.


I also got him a harness which I never thought I would ever use. But he wants out badly, ad no way is he going out without a tether. I can’t get him into it though. When that is resolved, I may be able to let the 4 footers use the doggy door again!


Katz! :roll_eyes:
Remind me why we thought we need them…

As long as no paws are thrown & no fur flies, to me they’re figuring it out. :smirk_cat::cat::pouting_cat::crying_cat_face:


We may be approaching Kitty Mindmeld :smirk_cat::kissing_cat:
Stripes is the most food-motivated cat I can recall owning in over 50yrs :anguished:

Thanks to a tip from COTHer @Carson_Beach , he now knows Sit when he’s (inevitably) begging for anything I’m eating. We’re working on Sit Up :smirk:
Last night I chose to take my snack to the couch.
The DMZ here has been the LR. That belongs to Bounce. Kitchen is Stripes’ base of operations.
But the lure of FOOD! proved too much & Stripes made a decision to cross the line & sat on the floor, at the end of the couch.
Bounce was on the other end ,& came over to Stripes’ side, where they had a Faceoff :smirk_cat::cat2:
Bounce on the couch, Stripes on the floor, maybe a foot of space between them.
Sniffing from both, but just one halfhearted hiss from Stripes. No response from Bounce :clap: :smiley:
I think there’s Hope for at least a Whassup kind of acceptance of each other.


yeah, that is Bug and Tater too. They alternate between singing to each other, and touching noses which they did last night. Good luck keeping it going!

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Same to your & your cats! :grin::smirk_cat::smiley_cat:

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Just 2 Bros, birdwatching :smirk_cat::smile_cat:
I can hope snuggling happens soon, Bounce misses his Cheeto pillow :crying_cat_face:


So glad to hear!
my boys are still struggling. Most of the time, they can pass each other, maybe stop for a sniff, and walk on. The other night, we were all in bed, and I heard the song of their people and had to turn on the light and separate them. Cats. Today, they are fine.


I’m sure the snuggles will happen once the temperature drops and kitties get chilly. Look at how much progress they have made already :slight_smile: