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Stripes: Latest UPDATE! (Last post)

I posted here when I lost my fat, orange barnacle Cheeto to FIC in July. :sleepy:

Well, it looks like I’ll be getting a senior cat from a local shelter that has a free adoption program:
Seniors for Seniors
I visited there with a friend who was leaving flyers for her lost cat & hearing about the program touched me.
Cat in question is 10, has been there less than a month after being surrendered by an owner who couldn’t care for him.
No vices & was pretty easy-going with the other 4 cats in the same room - including bossy calico queen.:smirk_cat:
He’s been declawed, not something I’d do or approve of, but long in his past, so…
He’s about the same size as my surviving Bounce… Who’s been a bit more clingy since Cheeto disappeared from his life. They were buds.
I’m going - with friend above - Tuesday to bring him home :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Meet Stripes:


Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear updates when you get him home!


Aw, Stripes looks like Nic’s brother from another mother. You may look into various super soft litters; toe amputations can be very painful when using standard litters. You are doing such a kind thing.


Thanks, I’ll ask at the shelter, but I think they were using standard litter.
I’m pretty sure he was declawed young - probably by the owner who gave him up.
I hesitate changing litter as the cat I still have showed signs of FIP (TG, tested negative!) several years ago & vet suggested a change in litter might have been a stressor.
Before that, I bought whatever was on sale.
Now we’re a TidyCat household :smirk_cat:

I’ve started readying the Guestroom/Catroom for the arrival.
I even washed the floor - a chore I hate :blush:


Congratulations on your new kitty love!!! I dare say he may have just hit the kitty jackpot :heart:


What a cute face. Lucky Stripes and lucky you!

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Welcome to the family Stripes!

At first I thought his name was 10. :laughing:

How is 10 considered a senior when he could live to be 20.


Shelter starts calling them Srs at 6 :astonished:




Happy to know you will have a new cat friend. Congratulations.


Cheeto would say, “That’s my mum!”

Is Stripes the name his owners gave him or the shelter gave him?


I’m assuming that’s his name, since he was surrendered at 10.
If it is, he can keep it.
Unless he seems to want a rename :smirk_cat:


He has a somewhat skeptical look.
I want to see pictures after a month, bet he will transform into a smiling faced cat.


You should ask the shelter if that’s the name he came with.

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Poor man looks tired and just wants a place he can be comfortable and lay his head.


What a handsome boy! So happy for you both. :kissing_heart:

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I did see this! I am so glad. I can’t wait to hear more about him. I hope you will have better luck with your newbie than I am having.

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I usually change their names, just because I want to name them. For this last dog, I left his name. It was Sam. I usually don’t name pets with human names either. But something struck me about him, and I just left it.
This is Sam:


Some I change, some I don’t :woman_shrugging:

My TB came named Vernon & it stuck - showed him as Hey, Vern! thus dating myself :roll_eyes:
DH renamed his TWH who was registered Somebuddy’s Dream :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
He kept the barn name Buddy, but showed him as Steppin’ Out.
My TWH was registered Cash’s Bay Threat (Coins Hard Cash & Triple Threat bloodlines). I kept the Cash part.
WB was registered Jaybee Altair - he became Sam (for my Dad), showname Don’t Tell Me (also from Dad).
My Hackney Pony was registered Brownberry, I renamed him Kouma - Japanese for pony.
Current TWH came to me as Harley. Kept that but show him - rarely - as He’s My Harley.
Mini was named by the breeder: Missing in Action. I renamed him Wascally Wabbit for his white ear lining, barn name Bugs.

Adult cats from shelters:
1 renamed Dempsey by DH - due to his cauliflower ear from years as a tomcat on the streets
1 called Rose by the shelter, I kept the name to tease my Aunt Rose who was not a catlover :smiling_imp:
Bounce was a 6mo kitten, shelter gave him the name & it fit
Cheeto was called Fritz, which I did not like, so…


my horse I had for 29 years. I got her when she was 5 or 6. Not sure, it was a long long time ago. Her name was Dr. Pepper. Now, I hate the stuff. so I was gonna change her name, but… somehow, I just couldn’t. Dr. Pepper lended itself to many barn names, Pep. pepper, DP. She was a great horse. She did look quite like a mini Zenyatta. Dark brown/off black, with a large blaze, and two white hind socks. She was 15’3.