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Stuart Pittman Clinic

I am originally a hunter/jumper rider, but I have always wanted to try eventing. I finally bit the bullet and signed up for a Stuart Pittman eventing clinic at the end of May. Since I want this to be a good experience for both my horse and I, I signed up for the starter group (18’-2’). My horse has some experience over small cross country obstacles from a former trainer, my only cross country experience is jumping small obstacles on trail rides. Has anyone ever gone to a Stuart Pittman clinic? What can I expect? Any good exercises to work on at home before the clinic? I’m really excited, but also really nervous!

I haven’t been to a clinic with him myself, but I watched him teach two Pony Club boys in the pouring rain. He is a great instructor, and very understanding, so I think you will have a great time!

Agreed. I really enjoyed my clinic with him. I brought a non conventional horse and he was very accommodating and thoughtfully built the exercises to focus on our needs not just run us through a cookie cutter program. I would definitely clinic with him again.

There was another thread from I believe last year that have details regarding someone’s experience with this clinician.