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Stubben 1894! Any one using one!??

Hi All!

I am working with a saddle fitter who came out today to adjust my current Stubben Scandica saddle for a better fit for my TB that is non stop growing :eek: Seriously… We are on our 4th saddle in the 6 years I’ve owned. But he’s 8 now so hopefully the growing and changing will subside a bit. Anywho…long story short my Scandica is just not working for him. Even reflocked its not as good as I would like it. The saddle fitter brought out a new Stubben 1894 dressage saddle and it fit my boy like a glove!! :smiley: He has a ginormous shark fin and this saddle gave him fantastic clearance. And not gonna lie, it felt like a couch to ride in. I really loved it. BUT before I pull the trigger and purchase new, I wanted to throw it out to the group and see if anyone had an reviews on it! Durability, comfort, etc. etc. etc. This model is fairly new on the market and I cant find much on line



The price point sure is good. So new I have never heard of it but I do love my Genesis D.

One of my friends had one on trial and really liked it, but the Genesis CL was a better fit for her horse.

The price point is fantastic. I’m not a fan of that tougher, more slippery leather but the upside is it should be durable.

When I saw Stubben 1894 I thought wow, a Stubben made in 1894, over a century old, Stubbens really do last forever!

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The price point is fantastic. I’m not a fan of that tougher, more slippery leather but the upside is it should be durable.[/QUOTE]

My understanding is that the 1894 is less expensive because the only specifications are seat size and tree size. Less customization makes them easier and cheaper to produce. I didn’t ride in one, but the demo I saw was made of what appeared to be the same leather as their more expensive saddles. I wouldn’t expect them to be any less durable than Stubben’s $4-5K models.

[QUOTE=Jackie Cochran;8849915]
When I saw Stubben 1894 I thought wow, a Stubben made in 1894, over a century old, Stubbens really do last forever![/QUOTE]

:lol: well if this saddle lasts that long and this horse FOREVER, I’ll consider it a huge win. #saddlepoor :eek:

Thinking about trying one of these, anyone tried them since this thread was posted?

Tried today and loved it. We just trail ride, but this saddle was so nice for my sharkiest-shark-fin boy! I’ve never ridden in a dressage saddle and was concerned I would miss the close contact and it would force me to sit in a way I am not used to, but it still felt close was very comfortable – and my boy was clearly very happy with it. We will be getting it with a little added flocking to raise the back a bit… I am excited to have this saddle for my boy - we have truly struggled for 5 years to get the right saddle for a price I can afford - yay!

I got the 1894 a little over two years ago and I love it. My previous dressage saddle had also been an older Scandica which initially fit my gelding well, but as he grew and muscled up, it no longer fit well and could not be adjusted far enough to be workable. I wouldn’t say he has “shark-fin” withers, but he does have a decent wither and it has plenty of clearance. I like Stubbens in general and was pleased by the price-point of the 1894. Purchased it through Dover and I’ve had it checked twice by my local fitter and it has needed no adjustments. My gelding moved so much better with it. I find it very comfortable to sit in: comfortable seat, nice block, and feels secure without being “locked in.” The only downside is that the flap is a little long for my leg, but it is nothing major and doesn’t interfere with my position or aids - just something I would have changed if I had gone the custom route! In terms of longevity, I’ve only had it two years, but it still looks new.

Bought the 1894 because it had the best twist for me and fit my youngster as well. Only Stubben that allowed my leg to actually get on my mare’s side (that’s the result of the twist and my body shape, short femurs, narrow hips). The other narrow twist Stubben’s didn’t let me get my leg on the horse. Don’t know why, just how I’m shaped.

I sat in a clearance one at the Dover store this weekend. Comfortable saddle, but wasn’t going to work for the horse.

I tried one out when the Stubben saddle fitter came out - it fit my OTTB wonderfully. I thought it was very comfortable. However, for leg positioning, I went with the Aramis instead.