Stubben 1894 tree size for Arab

Does anybody out there ride their Arabian horse in this dressage saddle? Just wondering which tree size fit your Arab the best in this model saddle…a Med/Wide (30 cm) or a Wide (32 cm)???

Hi there, for my macys insite login Arabian horse I generally prefer the med/wide mypascoconnect login saddle. Thank you.

Hi! Thanks for your reply. The 30 cm seemed to narrow for my mare… I think I may have to get the 32cm, which is called a Wide in the Stubben saddles. In some other saddles, like Prestige, I think a 32 cm is considered more of a medium tree… maybe the Stubbens run on the narrow side? Do you like the saddle overall for your Arabian? They can be a hard breed to fit.

Why this particular model for the horse? Do you have a fitter involved?

Stubbens are “fit” more on the narrow side, with most reps suggesting a thinner tree than the horse traditionally goes in.

I would trust your gut, if you think it is too narrow it likely is.

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