Stubben Roxane Opinions?

FINALLY found a great deal on a saddle in my EXACT size. Will fit my pon and it’s right in my price range… it’s a stubben Roxane (the dressage one, not the CC or AP). Anyway… opinions before I buy? Any of you COTHers have any experience with these?

I tried this saddle but it was too curvy and rocked on my mare. It seemed comfortable to sit in. My saddle fitter thought that the quality of the leather on the hidden bits, like the billet straps, was lower quality than she expected, that “coated leather” you see a lot of now rather than real tanned leather. Other than that it seemed OK just a very bad fit on the horse.

Yes, the Stubben trees are designed for TBs or curvy backed horses. Not WBs or straighter-backed horses. The panels are pretty hard and unforgiving, so if it doesn’t fit REALLY well, your horse’s back will get sore.

Without knowing if it’s an older or newer Roxane, make sure you check the channel underneath. The channel tends to be narrower in older saddles, including Stubbens, which often doesn’t work for today’s horses.

I have a Genesis D, and I love it. It doesn’t have super soft leather like all the new saddles out there but the leather is nice and is durable. If fits my pony quite well and has never made him sore.

I know its not a Roxane but its what I have experience with. Stubbens are built to last.

I had a Roxanne and like it quite a bit. Sold it on, for a new STubben Genesis CL to fix current pony who didn’t need the extra width, and for mom, who at an older age… needed a little help through the young horse bucking fits. :wink: The Roxanne has pencil knee rolls only.