Stübben Survival

Just saw this saddle for the first time at a local feed store’s used saddles area. Almost mint condition and so cool! I’m pretty sure this model hasn’t been made in a while - anyone know of it? Cool kinda basket weave print all over the seat and flaps. Billets look unused.


I don’t think its old, maybe not new but not really old, really nice looking; it may have been a custom made saddle. If there are numbers on it you can contact Stubben North America and they will find when it was made.

Like all Stubbens, the seat will be hard as a rock, but it will last forever! This model was once popular with foxhunters and others who rode out cross country. The textured leather and the knee and thigh blocks help you stay in place. It’s wool flocked, so could be re-flocked (and I’m sure it needs it, as it’s older). If it fits you and your horse, it will likely outlast both of you :slight_smile:

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I ~believe~ this was stubben’s attempt at making a saddle more geared towards the endurance/trail people.

Yes I’ve seen it described as an extreme trail saddle!

I seem to remember seeing it as a school horse saddle a lot about 10 years ago when I first started taking lessons.

Correct. Their full-page ad in the trades featured endorsement by the legendary Julie Suhr. This was in the early 1990’s. (Julie is still kicking in the Santa Cruz area.)

There was an absolutely gorgeous matching bridle, but I do not think it was produced in any quantity. Stamped, with suede inserts.

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Wow - I like the sound of that! I am sure there are none left in the world…

I think they were too pretty to use! Imagine cleaning those narrow suede inserts…


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Just saw this post. Currently using Stubben Imperator. Would love to have a Stubben Survival. Has this saddle been sold?

It was still at the store when I was there a few weeks ago!
Call them:

When I went on my first search for a saddle 20+ years ago my friend the BO said get a Stubben. I don’t know if Stubbens will last forever. The seat may well be hard as a rock. I was in so much pain when I sat down on any Stubben I could’nt get off it fast enough. I didn’t understand what the attraction was.

The Albion Original Comfort was my AAAHHHHHH! moment. Comfortable, fits me and my horse, and it is well on its way to lasting forever.

All the saddles from the 1980s and earlier had hard seats. The only ones that have survived to still be resold 40 years later are Stubben and Passier. But the modern versions of these brands are modern, and nothing like the pancake hard vintage saddles. Stubben even has the Roxanne with biomex seat now. Very comfortable!

The old Stubben and Passier saddles last forever because they are all really tough leather with no foam or calf skin components. There’s nothing to wear out. Wooden trees. Since the contemporary models have more components and more fragile ones, I would not expect the same incredible durability. I can’t imagine the foam in the biomex seat will last 45 years!


Exactly. My Roxane looks almost new after just under 20 years of use. Compare that to the French calf saddles that look seriously tired after 3-5 years… one 2nd hand one I saw recently had multiple patches on it due to worn through calf leather - a 2018 model. They have built in obsolescence in order to sell more saddles… it’s really a shame that todays riders don’t understand that a saddle should last 30 plus years easily, looked after properly.


My friend events in an ancient Stubben Siegfried; she can easily afford a fancy monoflap but this fits her and her horse and they kick butt in it.

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A general comment about Stubben’s quality: I have a custom monoflap built in 2017 that has seen less than a year of riding all in. It sat for 2-3 years because it never fit the horse it was built for. It’s only pulled out a few times a year if a friend or the SO wants to ride.

I bring this up because on both sides of my saddle, the stitching binding the monoflap to the panel has disintegrated and is loose. You can fit your whole hand in between the flap and the panel on both sides.

It’s a pretty simple fix but IMHO a major quality defect with a saddle that is barely used and cost $5k. The leather is okay but I don’t think it’s the same as those 1970s saddles.

My 16" Stubben Rex is now 50 years old, has seen hard use and is still like new.
It was cleaned regularly and stored properly.
I have shown jumpers with it, fox hunted, started and exercised race horses, ranch work for hours and it has fitted practically every horse it ever sat on, never had one sore from it.
Then I weighed barely 100 lbs most of my life.

These past years I have a bit larger newer Stubben Roxanne, not hard seat at all, soft leather, super comfortable and fits well my now expanded posterior and older and old horses, not sure how it would fit colts.

That pictured saddle looks to be a bit stiff.
Maybe a little conditioner, elbow grease and use would soften it a bit.

I have a mid/late 2000s (07/08/09?) Stubben Edelweiss. I LOVE IT! It has the super short spring tree, fits everything I put it on. I’ve had it on 13.2h ponies, to 15h table backs (literally, prior to the Edelweiss he had a 38cm Duet), to currently on a 17h draft cross who wears an 87" Rambo, and everything in between! I love this saddle more than I have ever loved any piece of equipment. I had to get new billets last summer, due to the glue separating on the billets (and the pony clubber in me immediately had to take it to get repaired). I love the hard seat, where it puts my leg, everything. The only thing I disliked was how short the billets were, but when I got them replaced they aren’t nearly AS short. Live long Stubben!