Sturdy, quality dog tags?

Hi all,
It seems like dog tags ain’t made like they used to be. The engraving on the last tags I ordered, perhaps nine months or a year ago, has already worn a great deal and they’re not too legible. I’ve nosed around on the internet and it seems like tags are mostly printed now, which looks like it will wear off, or they are engraved but in a shallow way.
Do y’all know of a good dog tag maker?

Tagmaster in the UK offers a 10 year guarantee. I’ve bought two of these tags and the engraving is deep!

I wish I could remember the company I got my tags from 9+ years ago but they are like this and still very readable. Pretty sure I heard about them on COTH so maybe someone else knows, or you could try Etsy for that price.

These are the real deal. Thick/heavy solid brass tags that are engraved deeply with black fill paint. Would not expect anything like that from the price, which is almost too low, if that makes sense. Originally purchased off their eBay site at least 10-15 years ago and I’ve ordered directly from their website several times since. IIRC their turnaround time isn’t the quickest like at least a couple of weeks. No big deal and I always received my order and have been thrilled with quality each time.


Thanks everyone! The Haltertag folks were the winners!

I knew COTH would know the answer. : )

Gun Dog Supply have good ones.

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I have used these for years on the dog’s collars, horse’s halters and all my tack. They wear very well and have a very quick turnaround time on orders. Their prices are also reasonable.

We use this to keep our dog’s tags from rubbing against each other.

I always get my dog’s collars from Tack Shack in Ocala and have halter tags engraved with their name and my number.

They get their forever collar when they turn one and live in it for a decade plus.

I had something like this for my dobies once, but it was riveted on the collar like with horses. When they both were young, I opted to have them implanted with a HomeAgain ID and engraved the number onto a brass plate on the collar. That proved to be a blessing as the years passed. When they were old, Schatzi got out because the love of her life, Otto, had to be put down (Cancer). She decided that he had to be somewhere and went looking.

By that time, she was an older dog and her HA ID had migrated in her to somewhere, and the people who found her couldn’t read it with the machine. But they tried the number engraved on her collar, found my info and contacted me.

I was so happy to get her back! It wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t had the brass plate on the collar engraved with the number!!!


Yes, Boomerang Tags are the ones I have and I knew I heard about them here.

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Thanks everyone!

I’ve had good luck with Red Dingo enameled dog tags. I have several that are 8 plus years old that are still legible and have been bopping around on rowdy farm dogs with not so much as a chip in the enamel. The only time I’ve had to replace one is when I tried a quick change tag clip that I presume quickly changed my dog to tag less.

Do these bend at all to fit the shape of the collar?

The plates from are flat. They are pretty thick brass but was able to bend my longer narrow one (with 1 line of text) with my hands to give it just enough bend to follow the curve of a medium/large dog collar. I could not bend the wider plates (with 2 lines of text). I finally used a lighter to heat those up and was able bend them by hand enough to induce a shallow curve. FYI it worked nicely for a couple of them, but I also ruined a few that bent too sharply and in the wrong place, so I can’t really recommend it…

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Thank you! I’m plotting a LARGE dog at some point in the future, so taking note of sturdy stuff.

For hanging tags (vs. plates) I got one for my GSD from Silver Paw. They’re cast and engraved in the US, lovely and so far quite hard-wearing. They’re not cheap, but I expect it to live longer than the dog so I just can’t change my phone number!

The boomerang tags are sturdy and cannot come off the collar. The collar threads through them. I have very active, playful, goofy dogs and they play hard and cover a lot of ground every week. The tags are perfectly legible after years of abuse.


Late to the game but this is what I have

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This doesn’t look quite as sturdy as some of the others, but it’s interesting. Scan it with a phone and get a pet profile with any information you want to include.