Sudden Eq problems

So sorry this is going to be so long but I really want you guys to understand what my problem is and not be confusing… I’ve been riding for a long time about 7-8 years now and it’s always been English. Up until recently I didn’t have my own horse and just doing lessons. After my beginner phase and I really learned how to ride I was all good I didn’t have perfect form and stuff but I was okay and able to balance my self perfectly fine never had any problems. Rode many different horses did different things including jumping. I finally got my own horse and we worked together good and didn’t have issues. I got my own tack. Well everything was at first but then after a confidence loss due to falling just about every time I rode which was 2 times a week for about 2 months. Throughout this time I just could not for the life of me keep my heels down at all. They would just pop up and I would tip over onto her neck. I have no problems bareback beside her trot being super bouncy. I switched trainer and started riding in a western saddle. I have no problems with it and even started teaching her the barrel pattern. I tried my English saddle again thinking it was just a confidence problem… nope still the same. I guess what I’m wondering is could the saddle be the problem??? Or can you just suddenly get horrible eq after riding for years? I’m hopeless right now I really miss riding English and want to jump again but i don’t know what do from where I’m at. I’m horribly unbalanced and can’t seem to keep my heels down at all, I’m going to try shortening my stirrups to see if that helps any but I’ve been adjusting them for weeks so I doubt it. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated!

Yes, an unbalanced saddle can cause position issues. It generally means the saddle doesn’t fit the horse properly. Sometimes the saddle can be adjusted. Other times it must be replaced.

Without a video it’s hard to say.
It could be your saddle doesn’t work for you making it impossible to sit correctly no matter what you do.

Usually heels coming up is caused by pinching with the knee and or gripping with the calf.

You may want to look into having a trainer with a dependable lesson horse give you some lunge lessons with no stirrups.

This will:

  1. help you work on the correct position and building a secure and independent seat.
  2. will help you build your confidence.

Form is important not because of how it looks but because it gives you the most balanced and secure seat.

Hope this helps. Good luck to you.

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Hi! Are you still growing? I have seen this happen from a major growth spurt changing your proprioception.
Also, think saddle fit and flexibility, those are my two other ideas.
I agree that lunge lessons will likely fix whatever ails you assuming it isn’t your saddle.


I think I’m done growing for the most part, however my horse wasn’t in the best of shape when we bought her which is why I’m concerned about saddle fit since she’s gained weight and muscle since we got the saddle.