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Sudden mini font

I’m plugging away, and move to a new forum or thread and suddenly everything shrinks.
It’s only happening on COTH so I assume it’s a you problem and not a me problem?

You can set the zoom level in individual browser windows, and I occasionally change it accidentally by using the scroll wheel on my mouse while pressing the ctrl button on the keyboard.

You can check your zoom level in your browser’s settings. In Firefox, it’s shown in the address bar, on the right hand side, if it’s not at 100%. Ctrl+0 [zero] will reset to normal in Firefox.

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But wouldn’t that effect any site I go to via the browser?

No. Each browser window can manage it’s own zoom level.

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I closed it, reopened it, normal font size switch to a different forum and it shrinks again

Maybe an add on or something is over writing the font specs. Even an ad blocker gone awry?

What happens if you set your zoom at 100%?

Mine does the opposite. Every now & again when I open the forum/COTH, it is extremely large font/images & I need to zoom out.

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No ad blocker
I’ll try playing with the zoom when I’m back from the barn, thanks

Are you still having this issue? Is it occurring when viewing the site on a phone or a computer?


Nope, it has stopped
I didn’t change anything. 🤷

I was having the issue on my phone.

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It’s baaack
When I go to a link and then come back to COTH that’s when the font shifts into too small for an ant to read.

What phone browser are you using when you experience this problem?


If I back button, it goes back to regular size font again.