Suggestions for a tall/big built stallion and a large pony hunter stallion?

(1rst question)
Hi, I’m looking to breed my big built large pony mare to a horse, to inevidably make a small horse (preferably/hopefully at least 15.3h) would you have any suggestions for a big, tall stallion with hunter straight knee action/good jump? The mare is a hunter herself with ok-good movement and a square jump. She is super sweet, not a mean or malicious cell in her body so a stallion with a bit of spunk is ok. Oh and it’s a total bonus if it has 4 white socks to the knee (but that is just a plus). This would be her first foal, so something not too risky. Thank you!

(2nd question)
I’m also looking for good large pony stallions to breed to that same mare (not at the same time of course). Same caracteristics are ideal, but open to any suggestions; so a large pony with flat knee and good jump. Can be a bit spunky as the mare has a very calm disposition. And as I said earlier, 4 with socks would be a huge plus but not mandatory (I’m a sucker for white socks). Thanks!

Before anyone can suggest appropriate stallions, it would be important to know the breed of your mare, the height of your mare and the breed and heights of her parents. Large ponies can range from 13.2 1/4 to 14.2 HH and I’ve seen 12.2 x 15.3 parents, so it would be beneficial to have more background information so an appropriately sized stallion can be recommended…though, there are never any guarantees! :wink: Also, does the mare have any conformation faults you want to try and avoid with the foal?

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Of course, sorry! She was actually bought from an auction as a 2 year old so we don’t know much by way of breeding. What I can say is that she is a big bodied 14.2hh pony. So one of her parents was most likely horse-sized. She is also a bit short backed. Thanks and I hope that this little bit of info can help.

Of course, sorry! She was actually bought from an auction as a two year old, so we don’t know much about her genetics. What I can say is that she is a big bodied 14.2hh, so one of her parents was probably a horse and the other one maybe a bit smaller than 14.2hh. here is a short video. Thank you for the help even without the important information necessary.

She looks like she’s probably got some draft in her, based on her head and neck.

Amazing may fit the bill. I don’t know how many offspring he’s got out of large pony mares, but I suspect there are at least a few. He’s go the temperament, the movement, and he definitely loves to pass on high whites, even on black-based foals, which is a lot harder to do.