Suggestions for new vehicle to be used for dragging sand ring

We have a wonderful Honda Rancher ATV that is used daily for everything, from pulling the manure cart, to dragging the ring to whatever. It’s fine. It’s great. My issue is that nearly every day I need to unhook whatever is attached to the Rancher (often a cart filled with manure), drive it to the ring and hook up the drag, drag the ring, unhook the drag and then somehow maneuver the ATV so I can reattach the cart.

Here is my problem (yes, it’s a first world problem). It’s a pain. I would like to acquire something that can stay attached to drag and l could leave it at the ring. That is all it needs to do so it doesn’t need to be a heavy duty workhorse.


My other issue is it turns out I absolutely HATE not having a steering wheel, gas or brake pedal. I hate that everything is on the handlebars because I seem to have mental mindset against brake vs. accelerator. I can’t tell you how many times in six years I have misjudged and hit things. I even managed to overturn the ATV (and that takes some doing).

At our old property we used a riding mower to drag the ring and it was fine but this drag is bigger and we had to put weights on that mower. We sold it when we moved here to get a zero turn mower (once again something I can’t drive, but that’s irrelevant).

My dream is to get something like a Kawasaki mule, which could be used for more than dragging the ring. My husband’s dream is for me to forget this while thing and fight with the Honda. Can I say again how much I hate it?

Any suggestions for what might I look for. All I want is a damn steering wheel and pedals! We don’t need a heavy duty UTV. Cost is an a issue but I’m willing to fight that battle!

How big is the drag? I have one that is in two sections, I think it’s 5 or 6 feet wide, and maybe 8’ long total. I’d have to go measure it. It’s heavy.

We have a Kubota RTV500 and it doesn’t have enough power to drag the arena. I mean it can move the drag but it’s really overworking the vehicle. Maybe it could pull only half of it or a lighter one. I like the RTV otherwise, though it’s gas and I’d prefer a diesel one. We got it used.

We used to have a Honda ATV which I hated driving, but it had more power than the RTV500 does. It has different power transmission, I think the RTV is hydrostatic while the ATV was a regular geared transmission. (This is getting beyond my knowledge of equipment. But they are different somehow and this matters.)

So I pull the drag with the 30hp tractor, which barely notices it.

Why not get a gas powered golf cart to tote your manure cart and leave the quad hooked to the drag?

Sounds good except our carts are filled with so much bedding and manure (four horses). Definitely need 4WD for the cart as it has to go up and down hills and over rocks to get to manure pile.

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Hmmmm. So you do need something somewhat heavy duty.

Maybe a small older tractor? I just purchased an ancient Ford 8N. It was much cheaper than a side by side.

Heh, I am similarly more comfortable on our garden tractor than the Honda Rancher ATV - I can’t properly steer and accelerate at the same time. We have used the garden tractor to to drag the ring but I think it really depends on how big the garden tractor is, the kind of drag you have & how deep your footing is. When I don’t want to get the ATV out and use the garden tractor I feel like I’m slowly killing the thing pulling an older version of the ABI arena rascal. I think the garden tractor is 22 or 24 hp. If you don’t like a ATV I doubt you’d feel more comfortable with an ancient tractor. We also had an ancient Ford 8N that I never drove as I found it completely terrifying.

I saw a golf or infield sand groomer on craigslist not long ago that made me think that if I had the space for another piece of equipment that would maybe work as an easier ring groomer (no attachments to hook/unhook!). I believe someone else on here had said that’s what they use.

Also, is it just me or would it be AWESOME if we could have essentially a roomba-type robot device to set loose in the ring to do the grooming? I think the technology is definitely feasible, but I suspect there’s not enough market to make it a reality.

Interesting. I abhor ATVs. The 49 Ford is much more comfortable for me to drive. I think your idea of a large garden tractor might work for the OP.

An arena Riomba sounds perfect lol

I love the idea of an arena roomba.

Roomba pasture vacuum would be a big hit too methinks!!’