Suggestions for saddle that fits all

I am on the hunt for a used saddle that fits a wide variety of horses. I ride multiple horses, mostly warmbloods. I am a big fan of Childeric saddles and have tried both the M and FM. I found the FM fits most, where the M pinched a few in the withers or shoulders. I was just wondering if anyone had any other suggestions of magic saddles that seem to fit everything!

There is no saddle that “fits all” horses. The more “shape” a saddle has, the fewer horses that saddle will fit. “Older” model saddles have less “shape” built into the under sides than newer models have, which makes newer models less likely to fit a large number of horses. With older model saddles, they came in “narrow”, “medium”, and “wide”, with slight differences between makes. If most of your horses were “medium” horses, one “medium” saddle would fit quite a few of them. If most of your horses were “wide” horses, one “wide” saddle would fit quite a few of them. But with newer model saddles, this is no longer the case. This is done on purpose, to prompt horsemen to spend money on buying lots of new saddles, often.

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You should look into the Tad Coffin saddles. As I understand it, he advocates padding for individual horses.

Look into the Pegasus Butterfly saddle. I have a jumping one, and with the Contender II pad with shims I have been able to fit all the horses I ride in it including horses with challenging backs, very high withers or other peculiarities.

Since the front of this saddle adjusts automatically to the width of the horses withers, shoulders, and the front part of the back, the horses I ride stride out MUCH more freely than with my regular saddles, jumping or dressage.