Suggestions for tall boots?

I am currently looking for new tall boots, as my current boots are literally falling apart. The Ariat Heritage and Treadstep Donatello Field boots have caught my eye so far… Any new suggestions? or comments about either brand? I show on the local circuit about once a month and school in tall boots at least 3 times a week.

What’s your price range? I like my donatellos, although they’re certainly not super fancy. I’ve heard good things about the Mountain Horse supremes as well.

I would advise against Donatellos, personally. I love love love my Ariat Challenge’s though!

Price range is somewhere around 250-500. Not looking for anything extremely fancy, just someting that will look and feel nice and hold up well. My ideal would be parlantis but I have a feeling they will have to wait until my adult amatuer days. :sigh:

Any specific reason(s)?

I just got a pair of Donatellos. They fit wonderfully and look custom. I am using them as my work boots but they could easily be show boots. Love, love, love them.

I loved them at first, but they hold up terribly (for me at least), look like they’re made of two different kinds of leather, and they have absolutely scarred my heels. I would not recommend them or buy another pair…

I’ve been wearing Ariats for 25 yrs, while they are known for not always holding up, mine have; however, I just using them for riding. Best fit especially in the foot. If you have a tack shop close by it would be worth trying a few different brands on and find one that has the best fit for you. There are quite a few brands in your price range.

Try a local consignment shop.

Just a small dissenting opinion, I have a pair of Donatellos that have held up beautifully. I’ve owned them for almost 2 years now and I wear them just about every time I ride (usually 4 days a week, between 1 and 4 horses each time, plus basically all day at shows) and they still shine up really nice. They fit me very well (I have slim ankles and they cut in very nicely) and my trainer couldn’t believe they were $280 when I first showed them to her.

Of course, everyone’s experience is different, but for under $300 I think they’re great quality. I bought mine too short though so I think I’ll be going for a pair of DeNiro Salentos sometime this year for showing and keep my Donatellos for lessons.

Why don’t you try the Deniro Salento? They look like the Parlanti’s, but are less expensive. I have a pair and they are quite nice.

Donatellos shredded my ankles, I got rid of mine.

The new Tuffrider Regals are totally gorgeous and super soft leather, felt like half chaps when I tried them on.

I also am in love with the Ariat Volants, I have a pair I’ve been riding in for a few weeks and while I can’t speak to the longevity they are super comfortable for walking and riding.

My daughter has the rear zipper all black Volants and they have worn like steel and she loves how they feel. Are we a fan of the look? Not really. But they have worn well and they have kept her comfortable for 2 summers riding 3-7 horses per day and bathing and clipping etc. She gets home and still wanders around in her boots…her comment… they are comfy. The new Challenges hurt the ankles. Other boots are the Crowns by Ariat and they are more the show/clinic/lesson boot. They are holding up well.

My daughter also has Ariat Crowns and they held up very well. I think that the ones with the zippers up the back are the ones to fall apart, even though they seem easier to get on and off. I personally had pair of Dehners made about 12 years ago. They are expensive but I had little choice. It seems they make boots for tall, thin people or short, heavy people, but I couldn’t find any for tall heavy people!! I will be buried in these boots as they are the most expensive piece of clothing, so to speak, that I have ever owned. LOL…