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Suggestions for "trail" riding in San Diego area

My family and I are traveling to San Diego to visit old friends of my husband’s family. However, my husband and his friends are non-horse people. My husband wanted to see if there was anywhere in the San Diego area to “rent” horses for trail riding, or something like that. (I was actually quite impressed that he was thinking of that for my daughter and I). I’m not familiar with that area because we are on the east coast.
Since this wasn’t serious trail riding (competitive) I started here instead of the trail riding thread.
This seems very strange to be on the tourist end of horses - definitely not the norm for me or my daughter LOL!
Any ideas?

Oh- something to ad- I wanted to ask here on the COTH forum, because I don’t necessarily trust Googling “trail riding” and getting reputable results.

try this


There should be if you venture inland a bit. There is at least one outfit in Temecula that does a wine tour via horseback. A friend of a friend runs one. I could get info if you want.


Seems like the nicest place out there. About an hour north of San Diego.

Thanks for the suggestions! I will check each of these out and Peggy, I’d love to find out more info about your friend. Please PM me and I’ll follow up.
I know I can always rely on the COTH forums :-). Im happy now I have a few leads :-).

Sweetwater Farms in Bonita does trail rides, they are about 15 minutes from downtown. I believe there is also a barn in Imperial Beach right down by the border that does them.

I recommend Sweetwater farms in Bonita, although there are other places in the San Diego area that might be worth a look.

Thanks for these suggestions. I checked out each one and there should be something for us to work with.

OK. I did text my friend but she never got back to me. She did and I think it is this person who only takes out people on their own horses: http://gaitsinthegrapes.com