Suiss horse's show record, SJ levels??

I was looking up one of the horses that I rides breeding, show record etc. and I found it, however I cannot figure out what levels she competed in when she was in Switzerland. All I want to know is the heights that she showed in but I haven’t been able to find any information about it. This is what it says under kategorie, wertung:

  • RIII/MI, 2PHA2
  • Inter 125, A2
It's been driving my crazy for the longest time so if anyone has any information I'd gladly like to know. I can attach a picture of anyone needs it.

Hello, I live in Switzerland so I can perhaps help you.
Those are the old names for the levels (now they are called R115 for example, so you know the heights).

RIII/M1 is 120-125 cm, 2PHA2 means two parts (there is a jump off but you don’t stop between the rounds, you just keep going if you have no penalty)

Inter 125 is an international-level show, 125 cm

RIII/M1 progjo is also 120-125 but it’s a progressive height through the course with a joker jump at the end (so “progjo” for progressive joker)

SI is the old 140-145 level I believe. AZAZSA is normal course judging (so first penalties, then time)

Let me know if you have any other questions :slight_smile: