Sundowner Trailer Charter SE aluminum wrap

Have you had experience? What are your thoughts? Thanks.

I have a Charter SE 2+1 but I’m not entirely sure what your question is. Happy to help if I can :slight_smile:

I researched older models and came across a lot of comments about the finish on certain years. Was wondering what experience folks had had with the exterior finish if trailer is kept outside.

Mine is a 2012 and have had no issues with the finish on the trailer.

My trailer is sitting in my driveway currently, is a sundowner gooseneck ‘97, and if you’d like to see the peeling of ‘paint’ going on I can send pictures. Let me know.

Sorry to hear that, that’s what I have heard. Surely in the more recent models the exterior finish has been improved. I have a '99 bumper pull, and have had no issues, but it stays inside. Was afraid to buy a new one without checking in with folks.

Are you wondering about the frame powder coating issues? Yes, there were years, between 1997 and 2004 or so where their frame powder coating process was so bad that it allowed water to penetrate and rust the frame out. I had a 1999 that literally turned into a piece of crap due to the powder coat. The axle mount welds corroded to the point of flexing off the frame. Sundowner refused to take responsibility.

Their quality control and treatment of customers was so bad I dumped that trailer as fast as I could and bought a 4-Star. I refuse to ever consider a Sundowner again.

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I suggest anyone considering buying an aluminum over steel frame trailer to reconsider. Apparently, there is a chemical type reaction between the two materials that causes the steel to rust prematurely. Not good.

Better to go all steel or all aluminum.

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