I see the thread on long lines and I’ll add a thread on Surcingles!

I have these long lines

I’m looking for a versatile and adjustable surcingle, I tend to use my own girths and I have smaller horses/ponies so it needs to be adjustable.

Any suggestions?

I’ve got the 20 year old version of this:

It’s fantastic and almost impossible to break. I’ve used it on my large bodied pony (with an 2" pad underneath) and on a 17.2 mare. FYI, their pony size is hackney pony size, so for smaller bodied ponies.

A similar one can also be found and Freedmans, Fennell’s, and Show Horse Tack. Shelby Horse Supply likely has one as well; they make nice tack at a reasonable price, but you have to call and order. They have more than what their website shows.

A suggestion if you use a crupper with the surcingle, is to warm up the cupper BEFORE putting on the horse in cold weather!! The horse clamping tail on cold crupper is NOT pretty! They may scoot forward or drop their rump as well.

We have driving horses and use the crupper each hitching, so the over-reacting is not fun to deal with. Much easier to warm the crupper before putting it on the horse, than to wait for horse to recover from being so surprised! Watching a 17h rump drop down to about 13h, thinking “what next!” can be scary!

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I have one that is quite similar to the one Red Mares suggests. It is wonderful, and I use it with a fleece pad that has velcro straps to hold it to the top of the surcingle.

I have this one:

and love it. They have cheaper versions but the leather is very stiff and lower quality.

I have one from Schnieder’s that uses a western cinch and latigos. I really like it because it is infinitely adjustable, and I put a nice neoprene cinch on it. I also added a Prolite wither pad (found on eBay, not sure where to buy).

Mine is similar to RedMares and ancient when I got it but still going strong. Its at least 25 years old.

Wrap the crupper with some cotton and vet wrap. Your horse will thank you. Sometimes the seams on the crupper can rub if horse clamps and not accustomed to wearing one.

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I saw that one, but I don’t own a single western cinch. It’s impossible finding one that uses a dressage girth.

I have a Barefoot surcingle. A little pricey, but it’s well made. You use your own dressage girth. Comes in pony size too!


I have the barefoot as well. It’s fantastic. My student’s horses move noticeably better in it than in more transitional set ups.

My setUp:
i use a surcingle with leather saddle and quite wide webbing girth. I don’t use it for lunging, (only lunging i do is free-lunging in a pretty large area) only for ground driving (from me being behind the horse). I’ve made my own long lines from biothane cord. I like how they (biothane cord) doesn’t get tangled easily and drags nicely when i move up closer. I almost never ground drive in a bit, only halter or bitless.